President Joe Biden found himself in hot water near the end of a scheduled media appearance and question round yesterday. As the event was wrapping up, Biden had a question shouted at him by Peter Doocy of Fox News about the rising inflation as it pertains to the midterm elections.

Biden proceeded to answer the question, and then, before the microphone had cut off, loudly proclaimed that Doocy was “a stupid son of a bitch” while still live on television. The event was captured and quickly uploaded to Twitter and other social media, where political pundits went wild with where they drew lines in the sand on this issue.

On the matter itself, it was reported that Biden did call Doocy personally to apologize and make the tension drop between them, which was later reciprocated when Doocy himself appeared on TV and was seemingly laughing the matter off, indicating that everything was fine and it wasn’t a serious issue. This sentiment was reflected in jokes made on Twitter by others, who took advantage of the blunder and turned the situation into memes or other quips.

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