While discussing Tucker Carlson’s pushing of Putin propaganda and vaccine misinformation, Jim Acosta put the blame on the Murdochs.


Acosta said after playing a clip of Tucker Carlson’s COVID vaccine misinformation:

These vaccines have been proven to be safe and highly effective. And just as Tucker and the bolshevik factory are acting as a mouthpiece for Putin, they are doing something perhaps even more destructive. With the U.S. Approaching 1 million deaths from covid, Fox and the people ultimately in charge there, the Murdoch family, are inflaming a public health crisis. 

To the Murdochs, it’s your network. You own this. You own Tucker’s program that’s putting our health care workers in peril, putting our hospitals in peril, putting all us in peril for ratings, for money, so these American oligarchs can keep pumping out bulls*it into our homes. Now, if only there were a vaccine for all of that.

The on-air talent with their lies and misinformation get all of the attention, but the Murdochs inspire so much fear in mainstream media circles that they rarely get called out as the owners of the primary source of COVID and vaccine televised misinformation in the United States.

The Murdochs never get blamed for giving people like Tucker Carlson a platform or for their willingness to spread Russian propaganda.

Without the Murdochs, Tucker Carlson would still be the guy who got canned from every cable news gig that he ever had.

Tucker Carlson is responsible for the lies and misinformation put on his show, but the ultimate responsibility for death and damage caused by Carlson belongs to the Murdochs.

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