It’s fraud.

That’s how former Watergate attorney Jill Wine-Banks described the attempted Trump plot to replace electors in the 2020 election.

Last Friday, Boris Epshteyn was interviewed by Ari Melber. He claimed he and Trump’s legal advisors followed the law, but that’s a lie.

Wine-Banks said, “He didn’t do it legally. You can’t create an alternate slate of electors. That is fraud.”

Wine-Banks said it’s a blatantly simple case against Giuliani and the legal idiots.

“You noted that two of the states caveated their forgeries by saying ‘this is only good in the event that the legitimate slate of Democratic electors fails, then we become the electors. But the other states all said we are the duly elected electors. That is clearly a forgery. And there is a forgery statute not for forging money, which is normally how you think of forgery, but for other government-related documents,” Wine-Banks said.

After playing a clip of Bannon and Epshteyn discussing his MSNBC appearance, Wine-Banks said,” I’d like to be the lawyer on the other side arguing that that was not legal.”

What Trump, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, and the rest of Trump’s supporters put forth while trying to illegally steal the 2020 election was the flimsiest of flimsy readings of the Electoral Count Act. It bears not even the slightest hint of truth to the act itself.

This attempt was an offense to any serious legal mind. It was also an attack on American democracy.

Criminal charges must be filed.

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