Fox’s Peter Doocy tried to ask a question suggesting that Biden is to blame for the stock market drop, and Jen Psaki turned it into some shade at Trump.


Doocy asked, “ Does the president think it’s a big deal that today the Dow Jones is down at one point more than 1100 points?”

Psaki answered:

 Well, to start with, we focus on the trends in the economy, not any one day and any single indicator, unlike his predecessor, the president does not look at the stock market as a means by which to judge the economy.

I would note that the market is up around 15% compared to when President Biden took office. But our measure of success is really how real working families are doing, whether they have a little breathing room, whether they have a job that delivers some dignity and a paycheck that can they can support a family on, and we’ve seen a great deal of progress made on that front.

Peter Doocy’s Fox Propaganda Got Flipped By Jen Psaki

Peter Doocy tried to use a temporary drop in the stock market to blame Biden for the economy. Fox News uses Doocy’s questions to spread its propagandistic message throughout the day, but Psaki took Doocy’s question and turned it into some shade at Trump, who seemed to think that the stock market and the economy are the same things.

Psaki was able to debunk the Trump myth that the stock market is an indicator of economic health while also telling Fox’s viewers that the stock market had grown under Biden in comparison to when Trump left office.

Fox News tried to get misinformation into the briefing and saw Jen Psaki blow up their messaging.

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