Press Secretary Jen Psaki quoted Ronald Reagan back to conservatives who are accusing Biden of reverse racism in his Supreme Court nominating process.

First, we’d say that the fact that no black woman has been nominated shows a deficiency of the past selection processes, not a lack of qualified candidates to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

“I’d also note. I’ve heard that some conservatives may be fans of President Reagan, former President Reagan, and when he nominated Sandra Day O’Connor, he said, ‘Judge O’Connor’s confirmation symbolizes the richness of opportunity that still abides in America — opportunity that permits persons of any sex, age, or race, from every section and every walk of life to aspire and achieve in a manner never before even dreamed about in human history.’”

Jen Psaki made a powerful argument that the conservative complaints have nothing to do with reverse racism. It is straight-up racism. The conservatives who are attacking Biden are both worried about losing their power and white privilege and are also deeply threatened by any minority in power.

Biden’s commitment to nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court is a sign that the country is changing at the highest levels.

One suspects that if Ronald Reagan were alive and in politics today,  Donald Trump’s party would call him a RINO because the GOP of current times looks nothing like the party that Reagan led forty years ago.

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