Image Comics has released a new look at its upcoming LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon comic series, which is an in-canon story focused on the titular villain.

A new LEGO comic series is on its way from Image ComicsLEGO Ninjago: Garmadon will be the first LEGO comic series stemming from the Skybound Entertainment and AMEET partnership that was announced last year. This miniseries will take readers into the world of Ninjago, providing a new story for its villain.

LEGO Ninjago began as a theme for LEGO sets in 2011. The series has officially been around for ten years, spawning numerous other products and productions. The story of LEGO Ninjago centers around a group of teenage ninjas with elemental powers trained by the wise and ancient Master Wu. It has been turned into an animated series (Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) that spans fourteen seasons and even received its own animated feature film released in 2017, following the success of other LEGO films. Now, the characters of Ninjago will be starring in a new official comic.


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LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon will be written and illustrated by Tri Vuong. Vuong has worked on Skybound X #2 (2021) and is part of the creative team for the upcoming middle-grade graphic novel, Everyday Hero Machine Boy. Image Comics has shared a glimpse of this new Ninjago story, which focuses on Lord Garmadon. He is a major antagonist of the series as well the main antagonist in the feature film. He is also the father of one of the series’ heroic ninjas: Lloyd Garmadon – the green ninja. Check out the preview here:

Far away from Ninjago City, a village is terrorized by a mysterious new threat when they’re saved by a stranger with incredible powers known as… Garmadon, Lord of Destruction?! Has Garmadon turned over a new leaf since his disappearance, or is this just the first step in his master plan of finally defeating Master Wu and the ninja forever?

The preview above focuses on Garmadon as he fights a new foe that seems to be himself. They both have four arms, though his counterpart is not wearing his signature helmet. This is a version of LEGO’s Garmadon who refuses to see the shortcomings he has had over the course of his life. The villain calls out his failures as a husband, father, and brother. He has a long list of crimes and bad choices, which his other self doesn’t seem to be affected by. However, this fight is likely one of many that he will undergo with himself throughout this series.

LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon will be a five-issue series. Based on the preview, it will be an action-packed adventure providing a deeper look at the franchise’s main villain. Considering the popularity of Ninjago, this is a great choice for LEGO’s latest foray into comics. If this series does well, LEGO could have a great medium for exploring other new stories for some of its other popular themes and series. As of late, the company has had some major partnerships for its films and sets. If these partnerships could carry into comics, there would be a plethora of stories to tell. Fans of LEGO Ninjago can read the latest Spinjitzu story when LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon #1 releases from Image Comics on April 6.

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Source: Image Comics

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