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Sony’s PlayStation Direct store makes it easy to get a PS5. You just register with PlayStation Direct, wait a few days or weeks for a restock invite email, and purchase your console. So, here’s when Sony will restock the PlayStation Direct store with PS5s, plus some info on how to sign up for the waiting list.

The next PlayStation Direct PS5 restock takes place on January 24th. Consoles will be available between 2PM and 7PM ET. If you’re registered with PlayStation Direct, check your inbox now to see if you have an email invite for the restock event.

To register for Sony’s official PS5 restocks, visit the PlayStation Direct store and sign in with your PSN ID. Then, register an email address (preferably the one associated with your PSN ID) to Sony’s waiting list. Be sure to opt in for PlayStation emails, otherwise Sony won’t reach out to you.

Bear in mind that PlayStation Direct PS5 drops aren’t first-come-first-serve. Instead, they’re tied to factors like your PlayStation activity. If you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, follow Matt Swider on Twitter for PS5 restock updates or sign up for Walmart+ to get exclusive PS5 offers in the future.

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