A stunt double on TikTok named T. Ryan Mooney tells a story about working on a classic McDonalds commercial from back in the day for the Filet-o-Fish sandwich. In the commercial, the double has to swim with dolphins. He notices at one point one of the dolphins was swimming laps around him and he started to feel nervous. The marine biologists told him the dolphin was just vibing him out because that particular dolphin was pregnant. 


However, a little bit later the dolphin starts attacking the stunt double and beating the crap out of him with his tail. This is all in a days work for a stunt double, so he was able to get away. But he was so shocked about how aggressive the dolphin got. When he expressed his confusion to the marine biologists, they all rolled up their sleeves and revealed the many scars that dolphins have left behind on them. 


True Story


“Hey, I thought dolphins were friendly,” Mooney asked. The marine biologist said, “oh, no, no, no. Dolphins will F you up!” and then they revealed the scars. One of the marine biologist even told a story of one of the dolphins pinning him to the bottom of the pool trying to drown him. The marine biologists were going through this every day, but continued on like it was no big deal. 


Mooney is actually a very active professional stunt man and posts lots of different stories about his adventurous and dangerous job on his TikTok


Working on ‘Project X’

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