Halo Infinite server outages have cost players Double XP boosts, but 343 support does not seem intent on providing refunds to those affected.

Server outages in Halo Infinite have cost players time on their Double XP boosts, but it doesn’t look like refunds are coming. There are a few ways to earn cosmetics in Halo Infinite, and one way is the game’s battle pass system. Playing games and completing challenges will grant various amounts of XP, which then levels up the battle pass and rewards in-game items that coincide with the level. Halo Infinite’s battle pass progression has been the target of ridicule from some, however, who have claimed the original system did not offer enough methods of obtaining XP.

Though 343 has made some changes – providing XP from multiplayer gameplay and challenges – some players have demanded the developers add performance-based XP as well, which is expected to be added soon. Another point of contention among Halo Infinite’s player base is the microtransaction system. As of season 1, the only way to earn Credits is by purchasing them with real-world cash. This locks cosmetics, XP boosts, and other in-game items behind a paywall. While this might be frustrating on its own, some players have pointed out that microtransactions are particularly expensive. One fan even calculated that purchasing all the in-game items from Halo‘s Season 1 would cost $1,000. 343 has promised to change the game’s microtransactions, having just announced that players can earn Credits through gameplay in Halo Infinite starting with season 2.


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Halo Infinite has also suffered from server outages, and though that is to be expected from a new title, those outages have cost some players time on their XP boosts. It seems 343 Industries isn’t intent on providing refunds either. Reddit user murder_inc1776 (via PCGamesN) reached out to Halo Support during the most recent server outage, having provided proof of “full Double XP loss.” The representative claimed that “we do not have the ability to give or replace the XP boosts you’ve lost during the severe outage” before closing the ticket entirely.

Double XP in Halo Infinite provides a boost towards battle pass progression, granting more XP per challenge completed and for each multiplayer match played. It’s a powerful tool in leveling up Halo Infinite’s premium battle pass, though the way Double XP works has been criticized. Double XP only lasts a specific amount of time, but that clock doesn’t just tick during matches. All XP boosts are based on real-world time, which means time in the lobby and loading screens waste it. Server outages also cost players valuable XP boost time, as was the case with murder_inc1776. Since XP boosts are a premium in-game item unlocked through the battle pass, losing time on one can be frustrating.

343 Industries has not commented on the lost XP boost issue, neither confirming nor denying whether players will be refunded. As indicated by the support representative, however, this isn’t being done on an individual basis. Grinding the battle pass in Halo Infinite is a difficult process, to begin with and losing precious Double XP can make it even harder. Perhaps 343 will eventually solve the problem game-wide, though for now, players will have to make do without a refund.

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Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: murder_inc1776/Reddit (via PCGamesN)

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