Gov. Tom Wolf didn’t pull any punches and accused state Republicans of trying to pick their own voters with a gerrymandered proposed Pennsylvania map.

Gov. Wolf wrote in a letter to state House leadership:

The map has significant differences in population among districts, splits multiple communities of interest to improve the chance a Republican will win an election, and falls short on this basic measure of partisan fairness, among other concerns.


Pennsylvanians are looking for a fair election map drawn in an open and honest way. They neither want nor deserve a map drawn by self-serving politicians looking to feather their own nests along with those of their political friends. They deserve better and so does our democracy.

The current map, which was drawn by the state Supreme Court has been widely praised as both geographically consistent and fair. The map is so fair that the state’s congressional delegation is evenly split 9-9 between Democrats and Republicans.

The Republican proposed map is a joke. The GOP is trying to gerrymander Pennsylvania, but Gov. Wolf will not sign the bill, and it is likely that the new map will end up being drawn once again by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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