The Fireworks Gadget is a unique Genshin Impact Gadget that can create and launch Fireworks. Players must complete an event quest to obtain it.

The Fireworks Gadget, also known as the Launch Tube, is a quest reward in Genshin Impact for completing “The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune” of the Flameplume Starflowers event activity. This Gadget allows players to create and launch Fireworks into the sky. “The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune” can be received from Ningguang at the Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor. However, this quest will not be available until Genshin Impact players have completed Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I – “The Crane Returns on the Wind” and Chapter I: Act III – “A New Star Approaches,” both of which require Adventure Rank 28.


Once the two prerequisite quests have been finished, the Traveler can progress through the event quest by speaking with Ningguang. After some dialogue, they will be sent to the fireworks stall in Liyue to talk to Keqing. Genshin Impact fans will receive the Fireworks Gadget after a few automatic conversations have passed. Yet, they must proceed to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and the Third-Round Knockout to complete the quest.

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To use the Fireworks Gadget in Genshin Impact, players must open the Gadget tab in their inventory and Place the Launch Tube. The device will hover in place, providing two options to “Smelt Firework” or “Get Ready to Launch.” Choosing to smelt a firework in Genshin Impact will open up the Flameplume Starflowers: Production Challenge screen. Players can enjoy making their own custom fireworks within this screen by playing the smelting mini-game. If they do it correctly, they can complete challenges for Flameplume Starflowers and earn valuable rewards such as Mora, Primogems, Hero’s Wits, and Affluence Talismans.

Fireworks Gadget Guide in Genshin Impact

Fireworks Gadget Guide in Genshin Impact

Affluence Talismans are a currency used in Genshin Impact‘s “Fleeting Colors in Flight” Event, along with Immaculate Talismans and Conquest Talismans. Once players earn enough, they can take these Talismans to different event shops known as Afterglow Market Stages. Affluence Talismans, in particular, can be used at Afterglow Market Stage 1, which sells a variety of Fireworks that can be used with the Fireworks Gadget. Every Firework can only be purchased once, costing Affluence Talismans ×120 each. Keep in mind that these Talismans are also needed for obtaining Ningguangs’ Orchid’s Evening Gown.

Once players have purchased or smelted the Fireworks they want, they can launch them with the Firework Gadget by selecting the “Get Ready to Launch” option. A few settings can also be adjusted beforehand, such as “Set-Off Delay,” “Delay Between Rounds,” and “Firework Set-Off Intervals.” Once players tweak the options in their favor, they can begin shooting out the Fireworks by choosing “Begin Launching.”

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Genshin Impact is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

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