The story quest for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact revolves around the history of the Oni and the split between the Crimson and Blue factions. Before players can get started on Arataki Itto’s story quest, they need to unlock it. Players will need to complete the Archon quest, “Omnipresence Over Mortals,” as well as the story quest for Kokomi in Genshin Impact. Once the quests are completed and players have reached Adventure Rank 40, they can use a Story Key to unlock Arataki Itto’s story quest.

Arataki Itto is a five-star Geo character, descendent of the Crimson Oni, and leader of the Arataki Gang. At the beginning of the story quest in Genshin Impact, players will learn from Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild that Arataki Itto has been accused of stealing things and even taking people. Katheryne will ask the Traveler to assist with the investigation by asking various NPCs about Arataki Itto, his crimes, and the circumstances surrounding the attempted arrest.


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Players will need to speak to Furuya Noboru, Ogura Mio, and Uesugi to learn more about Arataki Itto. The NPCs will explain that the crimes he’s accused of don’t fit with what they know about Arataki Itto, but Uesugi will offer the Traveler irrefutable evidence that he’s guilty, including a confession. Uesugi goes on to admit that the Tenryou Commission took Arataki Itto’s Vision during the Vision Hunt Decree and that he suspects the crimes he committed may be an act of revenge. Next, players will need to find a lead on where Arataki Itto is hiding.

Helping Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto Story Quest Guide Itto Traveler Paimon Talking

After speaking to the NPCs around Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma City, players will be directed to speak to Sango at the Bantan Sango Detective Agency for more information about where Arataki Itto could have gone. Sango will tell the Traveler an Inazuman fairytale about the Crimson Oni and Blue Oni. After the story concludes, players will learn that Arataki Itto has an allergy to beans that can be used against him, and that he’s is likely on Yashiori Island.

Upon arriving at the waypoint on Yashiori Island, players can use their Elemental Sight to follow Arataki Itto’s tracks. The beans playerrs received from Sango can be thrown at Arataki Itto when he’s not looking, and it will trigger a cutscene. When confronted, Arataki Itto will admit to all of the crimes he’s accused of. However, a young boy named Daisuke will interrupt Arataki Itto’s arrest and demand that he partake in a beetle fight. Players will need to escort Arataki Itto around while he looks for a beetle to compete with.

Next, players will complete the beetle fight. Arataki Itto’s beetle will lose, but Genshin Impact‘s Paimon wins with her chosen beetle. After the fight, there will be a cutscene where Daisuke claims Arataki Itto never committed any crimes, then Itto will admit he lied to avoid conflict. He goes on to explain the truth behind the Oni fairytale that players were told by Sango, and he states he believes a Blue Oni is involved in the crime spree. The Traveler and Paimon then agree to help Arataki Itto find the Blue Oni and uncover the truth.

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Players will speak to Masato next to learn that he was robbed by a group of criminals with an Oni amongst them. After learning the details of the robbery, players will need to go to Nazuchi Beach to find the group that committed the crime. Players can fast travel to the Genshin Impact Teleport Waypoint east of Nazuchi Beach, then fly down to the mission waypoint. The criminal group will pass through, and players need to fight and defeat each member to trigger another cutscene.

Arataki Itto will chase after and confront the Blue Oni, Takuya, as he tries to run. Players will learn about the tragedy of the Blue Oni in Genshin Impact and the reasons that Takuya decided to work with criminals. The Tenryou Commission will interrupt the conversation, then Takuya will make his escape, and players will need to defeat the members of the commission. After the first fight, some of Arataki Itto’s gang will show up to distract the Tenryou Commission so Itto and the Traveler can escape.

The next step for players to complete in Arataki Itto’s story quest is following a trail of footprints using Elemental Sight. Players will come across a group of enemies to defeat, then the trail will end. There’s a secret entrance to the criminal group’s hideout on the hill just above the beach. The hideout is a Domain entrance with a recommended party level of 71, and players should have a Genshin Impact Geo character in their party.

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto Story Quest Guide Blue Oni Takuya

As soon as players enter the Domain, there will be several enemies to fight. Once players defeat them, they can go up the stairs, fight another enemy, then use the mechanism to turn the lower central staircase. Players will then ascend two staircases to find another mechanism that will open up a new path. Players can fall down the hole, use the first mechanism to turn the stairs again, then climb back up the ladder. The stairs should be turned so players can run straight across to the other side of the room.

The next room will have five Genshin Impact enemies and a chest in the middle. Defeating the enemies will allow players to open the Exquisite Chest, then they can go into the next room to find another mechanism. This one will turn the second staircase, then players can head through the door which leads back to the entrance of the main room. Players will need to turn the first staircase again, then they can go straight up both staircases. There will be a Common Chest to the left that players can open before heading to the next room full of enemies. After defeating all of the enemies, a cutscene will play.

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Genshin Impact‘s Arataki Itto and the Traveler will free all of the captives, including Daisuke’s parents. They explain the the Blue Oni was taking care of the captives and keeping them from being harmed by the rest of the gang. When the cutscene ends, players can open the Precious Chest, then turn around and go through the opening to find another mechanism. This one raises both staircases so players can reach the final room. Before moving on, players will need to go back down to the entrance of the main room and turn the first staircase, then they can go back up using the ladder.

In the final room, players will need to fight a group of enemies, including the leader of the criminal gang, Nogata. After draining enough of Nogata’s health, a cutscene will trigger where he explains the whole hideout is rigged with explosives. Before Nogata can trigger the explosion, Takuya stops him. The Tenryou Commission arrives and Takuya tries to sacrifice himself, but Genshin Impact‘s Arataki Itto won’t allow it. However, before any further action can be taken, Nogata rises and triggers the explosion by tearing the paper charm that Takuya took from him. Arataki Itto saves Takuya from being crushed by rumble, then everyone escapes.

Unfortunately, Arataki Itto and Takuya still have to answer for their crimes, so they are arrested by the Tenryou Commission. Arataki Itto asks the Traveler to inform Granny Oni, the woman that took him in, about the situation. Players can travel back to Granny Oni on Yashiori by using the Teleport Waypoint in between Serpent’s Head and Jakotsu Mine, then they can fly down to the waypoint. The Traveler will inform Granny Oni about everything that transpired, and she promises to take care of the Blue Oni until Arataki Itto and Takuya are released. Once the cutscene ends, Arataki Itto’s story quest in Genshin Impact will be complete.

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Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC.

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