The internet is chock full of bad takes on masculinity. Sometimes it feels like Twitter is simply crawling with bitter men who are determined to bring back antiquated sentiments regarding men and women. The latest insane example comes courtesy of a Twitter reply to conservative talk radio host Jesse Kelly. 

As much as we disagree with Jesse Kelly on many issues, his dramatic sentiment that lettuce and tomato are “assaulting” his sandwichesis fair. We’re all entitled to our opinions – especially when food is involved. It’s honestly @cgar0‘s reply that really got us going. The Twitter user replies to Jesse Kelly saying “Lettuce good crunch. Tomato is for women.” While the defense of lettuce is certainly admirable and probably appreciated by Big Lettuce, the follow up take on tomatoes is almost too ridiculous to believe. The arguable insanity of the statement garnered the attention of other Twitter users, and resulted in some seriously funny and incredulous commentary. 

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