To coincide with Final Fantasy XIVunlimited free trial, the entirety of Heavensward and the Machinist job are now obtainable in-game for all player accounts. Considered the best ranged damage dealer in FFXIV, The Machinist shares many features with the already established Bard job, but with a higher emphasis on personal performance over helping the whole party.

The influx of complimentary content in FFXIV has put some major strain on the game’s servers. This can be especially detrimental to Machinists, who require fast server pings to react with their Heat Blast and Gauss Round combo. However, Square Enix will be mending this issue in the future. In the meantime, players should still be able to enjoy most of the Machinist’s fast-paced, ranged gameplay.


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The Machinist job in FFXIV is not among the jobs available at the three city-state guilds. This is because the Machinist guild is in Ishgard, a town that is at first locked to outsiders. Players will need to advance the main story through a different job, like Bard, in the meantime. Because Bards, Machinists, and Dancers share dexterity-based armor, starting with one of these jobs makes it easy to reuse old gear. Once they enter Heavensward proper, players will be able to travel to the Machinist base of operations: the Skysteel Manufactory in Ishgard.

Becoming a Machinist in Final Fantasy XIV

Restoring faith in Ishgard in Final Fantasy 14

The Machinist job in FFXIV can be unlocked by completing “A Realm Reborn” in its entirety (including all five story patches) and entering the start of Heavensward. This will require players to reach level 50 in FFXIV in at least one Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic job.

Once in the new hub city of Ishgard, players should head to Foundation (x: 8, y: 10) and speak to Skysteel’s leader, Stephanivien, for the level 50 quest “Savior of Skysteel.” Not only will this quest grant the job at level 30, but players will also receive a free Steel-barreled Carbine, Toadskin Jacket, and Toad skin Brais to help aid in leveling.

While never a full requirement, at the time of Heavensward’s release it was highly recommended to level up Archer and Lancer so players could use their cross-class skills on their Machinist. However, with the release of Stormblood, this is no longer a requirement to play the job optimally. Machinist role actions are now simply gained by leveling up to 32 and are always accessible, rather than requiring ability slots.

Not all previous cross-class actions were directly converted to current role actions for Shadowbringers. For a more supportive playstyle, players will need to complete the quest “Wheels of Justice” from Stephanivien at level 52 to learn the defense ability Tactician, a substitute for the old skill Palisade.

Expansion Machinist Changes in Final Fantasy XIV

Machinist Relic in Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV

With the ever-changing rules and systems of online games, the Machinist job in FFXIV has had some major adjustments and bonuses to smooth the journey through Heavensward. Most of these came with the release of Stormblood, but smaller ones were included in Shadowbringers and will likely apply to FFXIV‘s Endwalker expansion. Players should note that these bonuses are for new and returning Machinists. They are not retroactive, and those who completed the requirements when Heavensward launched are not eligible for rewards.

Junior Machinist Coffer

The Junior Machinist set was added with the launch of Stormblood. Players will need to complete the level 50 quest “The Power of a Tourney” from Stephanivien. Because Machinists were not available for “A Realm Reborn,” Square Enix did not give the job a unique Antique armor like the base jobs have. Instead, the Junior Machinist is simply a full suit of level 90 Saurian of Aiming armor. Because of this, Bards and Dancers can also wear the set.

Machinist Coffer

The Machinist set was once the strongest gear bought with Tomestones of Esoterics. However, Stormblood now grants this gear as a complimentary reward. To earn it, players will need to complete the level 60 quest “Rise of the Machinists” from Stephanivien.

Gunner’s Coffer

The final free set from Stormblood, the Gunner’s Coffer set, will help players making their way to Shadowbringers. This armor chest will be received after completing the level 70 quest “The Mongrel and the Knight” from Hilda at Foundation (x: 11.4, y: 12).

Machinists in FFXIV have been considered very similar to Bard, but their unique abilities make it stand out. For starters, Machinist has AOE abilities that increase movement speed and decrease damage taken from enemies for party members. As a Machinist, players should focus on dealing damage via auto-attacks and abilities. In addition, players can invest in Wildfire and Reassemble abilities to make them a formidable threat. The Wildfire ability increases the damage of all weapon skills, while the Reassemble makes the next ability used by the player more powerful.

Since a Machinist uses turrets, it would be prudent to use the Hypercharge ability as well. Players will be able to gain more points in their Battery and Heat Gauge. The Heat Gauge gives players access to the Hypercharge ability, while the Battery Gauge lets players use the turrets. Players who wind up enjoying the Machinist’s gameplay might also find they enjoy the Dancer job of ShadowbringersEndwalker also includes two new combat jobs: the Reaper and Sage, though their play styles will have differences that may or may not appeal to individual Machinist players.

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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm RebornHeavenswardStormblood, and Shadowbringers are available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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