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Before I begin! You can join our team here! You can donate to Giant Bomb here!

Wow, what a year, huh? How’s it been for you? Me? Oh, you know. Asi asi. But hey, even if this year hasn’t been great for a lot of people, you know who it might get better for? The kids! We can help them out by raising a bunch of money for Extra Life with the Giant Bomb team!

Here is the official rap of Extra Life 2021:

raising money for the kids

in the zone, is where i is

streaming video games and having fun

but not as much fun as the kids at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for whom we are raising funds this year!

My talents are immense and I am proud to use them for good!

Anyway, we are happy to continue the ten+ year tradition of Extra Life fundraising on Giant Bomb. As a team we have raised almost 1.8 million dollars for Extra Life over the years, and we’d sure like to get to two million if we can! That’s why our goal is the curiously specific $223,566! We’re off to a great start, as we’ve already raised almost $20,000 thanks to streamers like you! If you’d like to join our team feel free to sign up over here at our team page! Or if you want to donate to Giant Bomb, feel free to do so here, but you can always donate to one of the team members who haven’t raised anything yet if you prefer to do so! Maybe that’d be nice!

Big ups to Sean Haas, Chris Shomo (now a Red Ventures employee!), Brad P, Anthony Thomas, Eric Skeeballieollo, and Alexander Roen for already raising over $1,000 each for the Giant Bomb team! We have 74 participants so far and we could always use more Team Members!

If you do join the team and would like some promotional considerations when you start streaming, please tag the official Giant Bomb Twitter account when you go live and I’ll do my best to retweet you or maybe throw you into chat if possible! I’m not around 24/7 but I’ll do my best to get some eyeballs on your stuff! You can also add your stream to this forum post for more eyeballs! Eyeballs! Love ’em!

As far as our plans go, here’s our current schedule, pending changes!

Friday 11/5 YouTuber
10 AM P / 1 PM E / 17:00 UTC Nextlander Stream with Giant Bomb guests!
1 PM P / 4 PM E / 20:00 UTC UPF!
3 PM P / 6 PM E / Midnight UTC Pinball With Bakalar!
6 PM P / 9 PM E / 3:00 UTC Danny O’Dwyer’s got six hours on the clock!
Saturday 11/6 Personality
7:30 AM P / 10:30 E / 14:30 UTC Chris Shomo (former GB EL team member, now RV employee!) For ~24 Hours
9 AM P / 12:00 E / 16:00 UTC Ian Kelly (LtSquigs) and the FFXIV GB Guild!
Noon P / 3 E / 19:00 UTC Rorie and Jan In The Flesh (?????) For ~12 Hours
Sunday 11/7 TikTok Celeb
11 AM P / 2 E / 18:00UTC Sam Kalman (and maybe some Jeff Green????)
5 PM P / 8 PM E / Midnight UTC ThatPinguino and ZombiePie (Site Mods!)

Various LIFE STUFF has prevented some past participants from joining up this week, but I’m told that there’s a high possibility that some of the USUAL SUSPECTS will be gearing up for their own long streams later this month or year, so please look forward to that! I personally would’ve loved to do more than 12 hours but I gotta help a friend move on Sunday! No fun!

In addition to this weekend’s streams, a couple of weekends from now will see a bunch of members of the Giant Bomb Discord stream from the 19th to the 21st as well! I’ll have more details on that as the date approaches, but if you’d like to join that effort feel free to sign up here!

Lotta exclamation marks up in here! Wow!

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