When thinking of a post-credits scene, the obvious first thought is Marvel. However, although the MCU has mastered it, people often forget that other franchises used them first. Pirates of the Caribbean is among those that include a post-credits scene after every movie.

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Since the release of Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, each movie includes an extra scene for fans to enjoy, whether it’s linking storylines or setting foundations for new characters. While some of them seem meaningless, others act as a great stepping stone for future movies and are therefore regarded as the best.

5 On Stranger Tides (2011)

Angelica marooned on island: On Stranger Tides

At the end of On Stranger Tides, Jack uncharacteristically marooned Angelica on an island where her fate was left unknown. In the post-credits scene, she is sitting on the beach when she notices something floating. As sinister music begins to play, Angelica picks up the Jack Sparrow voodoo doll and smiles to herself.

In the movie, it was revealed that actions performed on the doll can be felt by the person it represents, therefore, the post-credits scene hints that Jack could be in serious trouble now that Angelica has this kind of control over him. It was perfect in setting the foundations of a new plot for another movie; however, neither Angelica nor the doll was ever mentioned again. While the scene is good as a standalone, it does nothing in terms of relating to anything else, therefore seems slightly pointless.

4 Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

The Prison dog as chief in Dead Man's Chest

When Jack and the rest of the crew escaped the cannibal island, The Pelegostos turned their attention to the prison dog, foreshadowing that they had found their new chief. This was later confirmed in the post-credits scene as the dog was sitting on the same throne that Jack was earlier in the movie.

In Dead Man’s Chest, it was discovered that the tribe usually burn their chief to set them free, therefore, it was assumed the dog would die. However, in At World’s End, the dog was revealed to be alive at Shipwreck Cove. When Pinnell and Ragetti are visibly confused at seeing the dog, Captain Teague explains it by saying “Sea turtles mate”, referring to the tale Jack used when he escaped being marooned. While the inevitable fate of the dog seemed meaningless in the post-credits scene, it was a nice touch to reveal that it was still alive in the third movie.


3 The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003)

Jack The Monkey when he is cursed in Curse of the Black Pearl

The Curse of the Black Pearl is often regarded as the best movie, however, the same can’t be said about its post-credits scene. After Will finally broke the curse, Barbossa was killed and his body remained on the Isla de Muerta. In the post-credits scene, Jack the monkey re-enters the treasure-filled cave. As he swims past Barbossa’s lifeless body, he steals a piece of Aztec Gold from the chest. He immediately turns back into a skeleton, meaning the original curse that plagued Barbossa and his crew is back once more.

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While this scene brought into question the idea of Barbosa’s revival, the cursed treasure was revealed to have nothing to do with his return at the end of the second movie. It does provide a link to Dead Man’s Chest when Jack Sparrow shoots the monkey multiple times and calls him “an undead monkey.” The post-credits scene clearly explains why the monkey is unable to be killed, however, it doesn’t do much in terms of developing other storylines.

2 Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

After Will and Elizabeth were finally reunited, the post-credits scene shows the two peacefully asleep in bed. As the sound of footsteps begins, it gets increasingly louder until a shadow that bears a striking resemblance to Davy Jones enters the room. As he lifts his crab claw to seemingly attack, Will startles himself and wakes up, but assumes it was only a dream. As he embraces Elizabeth, the camera pans to beneath the bed where there are wet barnacles on the floor.

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This scene suggests that Davy Jones is back and while he was the most evil villain in the franchise, the thought of him returning is an exciting prospect. This scene is the perfect setup for the sixth installment, however, it’s yet to be confirmed, and unknown if it ever will. While there is a reboot in the works, it’s unlikely that it will involve old characters, therefore, the audience may never find out if there is truth in his return.

1 At World’s End (2007)

Will Turner in At World's End Post Credit Scene

After their emotional goodbye on the beach, it seemed like Will and Elizabeth’s story was concluded. In the post-credits scene set ten years later, Elizabeth walks to the shore with a boy who is easily recognized as her and Will’s son. As the green flash appears, the image cuts to Will who is standing on the Dutchman, ready to spend one day ashore with his wife and son.

At the end of the movie, it was heartbreaking to watch two of the best Pirates characters torn apart once more with their future uncertain, so seeing them reunite was the closure that fans deserved. However, this also meant that their story was far from over. The introduction of Henry meant there was a perfect new angle for a future installment. The earlier movies have always been regarded as the best; and this post-credits scene acted as a middleman to connect Dead Men Tell No Tales to the original trilogy, making it the best in the franchise without question.

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