We often make fun of employers who compare staff to a family. It’s a corny sentiment that rarely rings true. But it seems like for Noah’s Bagel Shop in Vacaville, California, the sentiment was a reality. After the store’s manager Bre Kowalski was suspended due to a supposed customer complaint, she discovered that her final paycheck had been deposited into her bank account. Instead of giving her the suspension, her employers had decided to fire here – without giving any notification. They eventually explained that Kowalski’s termination was due to another incident – one that had occurred when Kowalski wasn’t even on the schedule. 

The absurdity of the situation inspired the staff to quit en masse – a move that was recorded and subsequently went viral on TikTok. 

In the interview below, the group explains their actions, and Kowalski has a chance to speak up for herself. While Noah’s says they’re “looking into” the situation, it’s clear that things are going to be rough for them for a while. As the viral TikTok intimates, it’s a always a good idea to “say no to toxic management.”

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