Despite what we might like to think, a lot of love doesn’t last forever. The world of romance can be fickle and cruel, and there’s a good chance that the person we think we’ll spend the rest of our lives with will leave when we least expect it.

If that thought wasn’t terrifying enough for you, @itsethankeiser has now created an app to track this happening — if you partook in a certain trend, that is. After seeing large numbers of couples use a TikTok sound to boast about finding their soulmate while getting over an ex, he decided to figure out how many relationships lasted until the 6 month mark by keeping tabs on whether they followed each other on Instagram.

The results showed that nearly 40% of couples broke up within 24 weeks. Ethan’s painstaking research both impressed and terrified TikTok, not least because he seemed to be using the app to make some well-timed DM slides. Is there anything worse than trying to be rebound number two?


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