A Fox “News” reporter asking derisively about the efficacy of governing via Twitter is really rich. Especially after four years of the Former Guy who refused to communicate any other way. EXTRA especially after said “reporter” was spanked by Pres. Joe Biden on a hot mic fewer than 24 hours before.

You guessed it. This is the daily Doocy dump.

“The secretary of state, a few days ago, tweeted, ‘I hashtag stand with Ukraine.’ Has that ever worked at stopping an authoritarian regime from doing anything? A hashtag?” the stupid son of a bitch Doocy asked.

Here comes reason #47,822 that I am not press secretary for anyone, nor am I involved in any kind of diplomatic endeavors. *I* would have answered, “Gee, that’s a good point, Peter. The thousands of hashtags about Donald Trump certainly didn’t stop him from attempting a coup.” Psaki, thank the goddesses, is more professional.

“I will have to say that unlike the last administration, we don’t think Twitter is the only means of engaging, or negotiating, or discussing important topics,” she answered. “But it is important for us to convey to the Ukrainian people, who do view commentary through a range of forums — I don’t know how many are Fox News watchers, maybe some of them — including social media, that we stand with them, we support them. And that includes in their efforts to protect the sovereignty of their country.”

Game, set, MATCH.

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