Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh outed himself and his audience this week as desperate for any woman anywhere please just give her to me now. Transcript via Media Matters:

MATT WALSH (HOST): Now, on the complete opposite end of this spectrum are arranged marriages. Instead of a boundless never-ending buffet of options a young person in a culture that practices arranged marriages will be assigned just one, and they don’t even make the choice. Their families just pair them up and say, ‘here you go.’ There’s far less freedom and far less autonomy in a system of that sort, but it is, without a doubt, superior to our system. We would be happier — every person in the dating scene right now would be happier if they were just matched up with someone against their will.

Isn’t Matt married? We assume his wife is okay with LOTS of things, most of all “my husband says stupid things on the internet for money.”

The guy decrying internet dating met his wife on eHarmony. Go figure.


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