Many Too Hot To Handle cast members likely regret ever doing the show. Here are a few past singles who probably wish they turned down their spot.

There are likely quite a few former cast members who regret appearing on Too Hot To Handle. The show centers on singles who are put on an island in the luxurious THTH Turks and Caicos villa, thinking they are here to meet and hook up with other singles. However, they learn by the end of their first day that they aren’t here to hook up with each other; in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

For four weeks, 10 singles must resist their urges of engaging in any sort of sexual activity. That includes kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification. While the singles are filming THTH, they also do workshops where they learn how to lead with their mind instead of their private parts when it comes to relationships. 


Many contestants in the past found it difficult to not act on their desires, resulting in them losing quite a bit of the $100,000 or $200,000 cash prize. As a result, many may have regretted ever joining the popular Netflix series. 

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Truth From Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Truth Too Hot To Handle

Truth from Too Hot To Handle season 3 might regret doing the show since he left early on. Truth, the 23-year-old student from Texas, was eliminated during episode 5 after Truth lied to both Izzy Fairthorne and Jaz Holloway. He played them both by telling each of them he was interested in them only. This led Lana to send Truth home as she thinks he didn’t grow from the experience. 

Matthew Smith From Too Hot To Handle Season 1

Matthew from THTH season 1 may also regret ever taking part in the show. The former reality star decided to leave the villa in Mexico after he realized he didn’t have a strong connection with anyone there. While Matthew had a fun experience on Too Hot To Handle, it wasn’t the right fit for him. He ended up being Lana, the virtual assistant’s, “sex cop” and didn’t find the connection he was hoping for. 

Nathan Webb From Too Hot To Handle Season 2

Nathan from THTH season 2 probably wishes he didn’t join the show as he had someone back home that he truly loved. While they were not together when he was filming, Nathan always knew this woman was the one. In October 2021, Nathan announced on his Instagram that he was having a baby girl with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Kayleigh. While it is unclear if Nathan is dating Kayleigh now, it likely didn’t help their relationship. 

Even though past Too Hot To Handle contestants may have regrets about joining the show, the experience is a lesson to be learned. No matter how they came off on the show, in the end, they learned something from their experience. 

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