Think you got what it takes? Employees and contractors enjoy a great remote virtual environment and access through an online work portal. Employees also get day-one benefits, flexible work scheduling, and payment through royalties. 

Starwide’s work structure is heavily inspired by organizations like Valve™ and Big Sandy™   which prides itself as a flat, community-owned organization with the added benefits of allowing the employee to make decisions for making a real impact on its clients and its established user base.

Our mission is to make and provide a way to share, show, and distribute any form of content that can push for multiple sides of perception to further unite entire groups of people online.

We use Engage as our primary platform for employee engagement. It’s a virtual world for all major platforms for virtual world-building and how we’re able to cut out the need for boring offices that cut potential growth for creativity.  

We’re looking for self-motivated, efficient, team players who like to work with new challenges, are not afraid to make mistakes, and take charge during larger or more demanding projects. To work with or for us means to contribute where it counts, not when necessary. But most of all, we want to work as a group that creates together, not as just another company.

Sound like the workspace for you? or interested in some temp work? bring your best talent and fill out an application below. and feel free to contact us at any time.