Candiace Dillard offered some advice to Jennie Nguyen amid her racism scandal and The Real Housewives of Potomac star wants her to ‘do the work.’

Candiace Dillard offered some advice to Jennie Nguyen amid her racism scandal and The Real Housewives of Potomac star wants her to ‘do the work.’ Candiace knows what it’s like to be under fire for her words and actions. But she hasn’t dealt with anything like what Jennie is going through. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newcomer is facing widespread backlash for her resurfaced posts from 2020 where she expressed her opposition against the Black Lives Matter movement among many other controversial political viewpoints. While passing her judgment on the matter, Candiace seemingly defended Jennie and explained why her fellow housewife deserves a chance to ‘learn and grow’ from the situation rather than being canceled.


All of Jennie’s co-stars have unfollowed her in the aftermath of resurfaced posts showing her support for racially insensitive taking points. With just one season under her belt, fans wasted no time blasting Jennie for coming after Mary Cosby over her “slanted eyes” comment. To find out that just one year before Jennie was sharing racist statements of her own on Facebook, it came off as a contradiction once fans learned of Jennie’s real views on social justice issues. Despite an apology, her co-stars have all released statements criticizing her posts and letting viewers know they stand against hate and oppression. They’re also not the only housewives speaking on the scandal.

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One of the Potomac housewives added her two cents over the weekend. Candiace took to Twitter to share her take on the matter and give Jennie some advice considering how much hate she receives on her franchise. The “Drive Back” singer first acknowledged how she understands what Jennie is facing when it comes to having to lool “in the mirror and grapple with hurtful things I have said.” Candiace went on to offer some support to Jennie saying the Salt Lake City newbie “deserves a chance to learn and grow.” While addressing Jennie directly, Candiace offered her suggestions on how Jennie could help calm all the heat she’s facing. “Jennie must be willing to first acknowledge that there is a bias and do the work,” Candiace added, noting that “whether organically or intentionally” Jennie has a lot of “unlearning” to do.

This is a photo of Candiace Dillard Basset wearing a velvet pink top with her hands out in a confessional interview from Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Potomac.'

Candiace also suggested that Jennie be given privacy to do the work at readjusting her views as it relates to racial injustice. “This is not something she can do in the public eye and the BIPOC her bigoted views target will not let her,” Candiace wrote. “do not deserve to be triggered by the presence of someone who justified unlawful killings of Black people just over one year ago in our spaces,” she added. Her followers gave mixed reviews with many disagreeing with Candiace for seemingly defending Jennie’s actions. “This isn’t calling somebody’s momma low budget. This is telling an entire race of people they ain’t sh*t,” one fan said in response while referencing Candiace’s criticism in season 6 for making tasteless jokes about Mia Thronton’s mother.

With Candiace being used to ruffling the feathers of viewers, her support towards Jennie isn’t so much of a surprise. Candiace is one of the top villains in her franchise and viewers think she enjoys riling others up with her words. The Real Housewives of Potomac star is also aligned with the political world having worked with former President Barack Obama in the past. Candiace might be more invested in Jennie’s controversy than her co-stars due to its political ties. Or it could just be the controversy that Candiace always seems to find herself in.

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