Contrary to popular (read: American) belief, not all
news across the pond has to do with the much talked about situation of Brexit. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world—a small town is going to report on small news, and a lot of it can be pretty amusing. There are pie shortages, suburban turf wars, illegally imported sprinkles (they don’t like our dyes over there), and, of course, old men yelling at clouds—global mainstream media could never dream of topping the quaint charm of local news stories about regular old ordinary people. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews does a great job of  carefully archiving all of the weird and comically mundane local news gems that sometimes slip through the cracks for everyone but some bored granny in Shropshire. If this is the kind of reporting that interests you, keep scrolling to see some of our favorite screenshots from @CrapLocalNews.

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