In 2019 it was announced that Big Mouth was receiving a spinoff centered on the Hormone Monsters dubbed Human Resources, but is it still happening?

The Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources has a set release date. The series follows the world of the hormone monsters introduced in Big Mouth, Netflix’s coming-of-age animated sitcom co-created by Nick Kroll, his real-life best friend Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin. Big Mouth season 6 is also in development. While Big Mouth and Human Resources are set in the same universe, and both are adult in tone, the spin-off series is expected to reach new heights in terms of wacky situations.

The pubescent kids in Big Mouth are assisted — and sometimes plagued with — the hormone monsters, who come in various shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, these are walking, talking representations of hormones. Big Mouth gradually built up the backstory of these creatures, eventually revealing the world they inhabit: the basis of Human Resources.


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In 2019, Netflix announced it was developing a spinoff for Big Mouth dubbed Human Resources. Since then, the streamer has revealed more details about the release date, story details, and characters. Here’s everything we know about Human Resources.

Human Resources Story & Cast

Little has been revealed about Human Resources’ plot, though it’s known it will be set in the workplace of the hormone monsters themselves. In many ways, Big Mouth season 5 set up Human Resources. The teaser trailer suggests that the show will reveal more about the world of the hormone monsters, even expanding the roster of known monsters to include a rock-like “logic” creature. The “lovebugs” from Big Mouth season 5 are featured prominently in the trailer, suggesting they’ll be a major part of the spinoff.

Co-creator Mark Levin told Inverse the show was pitched to Netflix as “Big Mouth meets The Office,” which should be a good indicator of the tone it’s aiming at. It also looks like Maurice the Hormone Monster (voiced by Kroll), Connie the Hormone Monstress (Maya Rudolph), and other major Big Mouth characters will play roles on Human Resources. The lovebugs from Big Mouth season 5, Walter (Brandon Kyle Goodman) and Sonya (Pamela Adlon), are also returning. Actress Rosie Perez is also part of the voice cast and in addition to revealing to Uproxx that the Big Mouth spinoff will be “Very foul, very obscene,” she’s confirmed to have recorded dialogue for it.

Human Resources Release Date

Big Mouth

Netflix revealed in January 2022 that the release date for Human Resources is March 18, 2022. Just like Big Mouth, the spinoff Human Resources will debut exclusively on Netflix, and the episodes will all drop at once.

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