Conservative media was outraged that Biden’s trips home to Delaware cost $3 million, but a single Trump trip to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers $3.4 million.

All Of Biden’s Trips Home To Delaware Cost Taxpayers Roughly $3 Million

The New York Post reported in November 2021:

Biden’s regular weekend and a few midweek trips home to Delaware have cost nearly $3 million in security alone, Secret Service expense records shared with The Post show.

Biden’s security detail spent $1.96 million on 16 trips to his Delaware homes this year, the records indicate. Another nine trips aren’t yet counted and likely push the total to $3 million.

That might seem like a lot of money until one looks at the cost of each of Trump’s trips to his private Florida club.

Each Trump Trip To Mar-a-Lago Cost Taxpayers $3.4 Millions

NPR reported in February 2019, “A new report from the Government Accountability Office says four such trips early on in Trump’s presidency cost taxpayers $13.6 million, or some $3.4 million each. That is far higher than the estimates of Trump’s travel costs early in his presidency, which were pegged at about $1 million per trip.”

At the same time, the Secret Service was also spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to protect Donald Jr. and Eric Trump on each of their trips.

The Cost Of Nearly 11 Months Of Biden Trips Is Less Than One Trump Weekend In Florida

Republican outrage over the cost of President Biden’s travel is insulting when they defended Donald Trump for what The Washington Post estimated was $64 million taxpayer dollars worth of travel to Florida to visit his club during his first two years in office.

Biden is spending exponentially less on personal travel than Trump, as the presidency is no longer being used to fund a lavish and excessive personal lifestyle.

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