Trump spent four years bragging about all of the judges that he got confirmed, but a wave of openings on the federal bench could mean that Biden gets 100 judges confirmed in 2022.

Reuters reported:

A Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee aide said the panel, led by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, plans a steady stream of hearings on nominees to allow Biden to easily surpass this year’s 40 confirmed judges and potentially reach over 100 in 2022.


The judiciary lists 69 district and circuit vacancies without any nominees. Another 21 Democratic-appointed judges are eligible for senior status or will be by 2022’s end, said John Collins, a visiting law professor at George Washington University.

If Democrats keep control of the Senate after the midterm election, there is no reason why Biden won’t be able to pass Trump for the number of judges confirmed in his first term.

President Biden is very quietly but steadily remaking the judiciary. While Trump nominated no blacks or Latinos to the bench, Biden has nominated a much more diverse slate with different backgrounds that reflect the real face of America.

It is one of the most underreported stories of the year. President Biden is off to a fast start fixing the damage done to the federal judiciary by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.


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