President Biden will get a chance to nominate his first Supreme Court Justice as Justice Stephen Breyer to retire.

Via: The Wall Street Journal:

Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday, giving President Biden an opportunity to shore up the Supreme Court’s liberal wing with the promised nomination of a Black woman who could serve on the court for decades to come.

The plans of Justice Breyer, a 1994 Clinton appointee who is 83 years old, have been a focus of Democratic concern since the September 2020 death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg allowed Republicans to replace a liberal stalwart with a young conservative, Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The White House is notifying senators that Breyer is retiring:

Biden Has Promised To Put A Younger African-American Woman On The Supreme Court

President Biden will get the opportunity to keep his campaign pledge to add more diversity to the Supreme Court. Each of the Trump nominees was white, and two of the three were white men.

For Democrats, the Supreme Court confirmation process comes at a welcome time. Democrats have been bogged down by the betrayal of two obstructionist Democratic Senators who have slowed down any progress on key issues by working with Republicans to block the Biden domestic agenda and voting rights.

Democrats have an opportunity at a reset that will focus them on the unified task of getting President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee confirmed.

Breyer’s retirement is good news for the future of the Supreme Court and even better news for Democrats.


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