Controversy ensued after a moderator from Reddit’s /r/AntiWork subreddit of more than 1.7 million members went live on Jesse Watters Fox News show.

The segment, which was about “The War Against Working,” had the mod, Doreen Ford, on to discuss the subreddit and movement, which has seen explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. But things immediately started to nosedive when viewers noticed the mod showed up on the program looking unprepared and disheveled.

Following the live appearance, multiple things from the background of this event came to light. According to other subreddit moderators in the aftermath, Ford had originally asked about the chance to be interviewed but was told that it wasn’t a good idea, and proceeded to anyway. Further digging by other Redditors after the subreddit went private revealed rape allegations against the moderator themself.

The subreddit would later be unprivated this morning as mods issued a lengthy statement on everything relating to the subreddit, from its core message to the moderator in question, the interview and the sexual assault allegations.

Despite the attempts at damage control from moderators, the sub was flooded with numerous posts from members claiming that the sub should be shut down, calls for mods to be removed and several upset Redditors voicing their irritation with the mods taking it upon themselves to act as representatives for the nearly 2 million members.

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