On August 14th, 2013, Redditor AbolishWork (Doreen Ford) created /r/antiwork, a subreddit dedicated to calling out all out poor working conditions or questionable actions from management that usually result in workers quitting their jobs. Subreddit subscribers have posted stories of quitting their jobs and shared screenshots of their conversations with their management, with many such posts going viral on Reddit.

The subreddit remained largely niche until December 2018, when it had below 10,000 subscribers. The subreddit grew to 100,000 subscribers by March 2020, and with the COVID-19 pandemic being a contributing factor, to over 500,000 subscribers by October 2021. Following a series of viral posts and coverage by media, the subreddit grew to over 1.2 million subscribers as of November 22nd, 2021.

Laying Flat

Laying Flat, or Tangping (躺平), is a social movement among young people in China who refuse to work in a competitive environment, or altogether, in an attempt to escape the crush of life and work in a fast-paced society.

The movement was jumpstarted in April 2021 as a post titled “Lying Flat Is Justice” (a reference to Flat Is Justice meme) went viral on Chinese social network Baidu, and discussions about “lying flat” became viral among Chinese users in May that year.

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