Kody Brown’s plural marriage is falling apart in Sister Wives season 16. Fans think Kody never loved Meri, Janelle, nor Christine to begin with.

Kody Brown’s relationships with his first three spouses appear to be coming to an end in Sister Wives season 16, but fans think Kody never loved Meri, Janelle, or Christine Brown throughout their decades of marriage. The latest chapter of the Brown family’s drama has highlighted just how fragile Kody’s connections with all of his wives are as Christine is proving that the patriarch’s partners have what it takes to follow through with their threats of leaving him. From his disinterest in his wives’ appearances to his desire to have authority over all of his family members, here’s why Sister Wives fans believe Kody was never in love with Meri, Janelle, or Christine.


Unfortunately, Kody has never been the best at convincing Sister Wives‘ audience that he cares about all four of his polygamous partners. Ever since Robyn Brown joined his plural marriage in 2010, Kody’s relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine nosedived as he made no effort to hide his preference for his newest wife. Although he’s been able to coast by only affording Robyn his affection for the past decade, Kody’s first three sister wives are finally coming to terms with their loveless marriages Sister Wives in season 16.

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Kody has asserted that he is passionate about leading a happy and functional plural marriage, but his behavior has indicated that he got married to most of his wives for the wrong reasons. Instead of embarking on romantic relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine for love, Sister Wives fans believe Kody wanted spouses he had control over. Whenever his first trio of sister wives challenged his authority, Kody was quick to withhold his affection and demonstrated that he was never in love with Meri, Janelle, or Christine to begin with.

Signs Kody Never Loved Meri

Meri Brown frowning in Sister Wives

Although Kody and Meri have the most history together, this polygamous pair’s relationship also contains the most examples of Kody’s apathy toward any of his wives. Throughout their marriage, Kody’s failed to prove that he’s interested in having a loving relationship with Meri. One reason why Sister Wives fans think Kody has concealed his affection for his first wife is Meri’s reproductive difficulties. As a polygamist, a principal desire of Kody’s is having a surplus of children to carry on the Brown name. Some of Kody’s critics theorize that he cares more about having a sizable amount of offspring than he does having meaningful relationships with his wives and children. Sadly, Meri struggles with infertility issues and wasn’t able to have with all the children Kody would have wanted. Although Meri eventually gave birth to their daughter, Mariah, Kody’s disappointment proved he was only with Meri for children.

On top of not providing as many children as he wanted, Sister Wives fans think Kody’s attempts to control Meri also illustrate his apathy for his first marriage. Viewers got a sense of Kody’s disinterest in Meri when his relationship with Robyn kicked into full gear. In 2015, Meri was at an emotional rock bottom after feeling utterly unloved by her husband who spent all of his time with his fourth sister wife. In her husband’s absence, Meri turned to an online relationship to feel loved again. As if this isn’t a big enough sign that Kody never cared about his wife, his response to the cyber affair proved that Kody only ever wanted to control Meri. Sister Wives fans think Kody wanted to punish Meri for betraying him as he has only treated his original wife as a friend since the emotional infidelity.

Signs Kody Never Loved Janelle

Janelle Brown raising her hands in Sister Wives

Kody and Janelle’s marriage has been one of the most successful until Sister Wives season 16. For the vast majority of their decade-spanning marriage, Janelle has served as Kody’s right-hand wife. The pair haven’t enjoyed the most passionate connection, but Kody has relied on Janelle to be a loyal friend. While this doesn’t prove that Kody loves Janelle, the second sister wife has conveyed that she was content with being Kody’s confidant. Although Janelle might not pick up the warning signs, Sister Wives fans think Kody’s exhibited that he has several ulterior motives for marrying Janelle. Janelle has a reputation for being the breadwinner of the Brown wives and some viewers have speculated that as a result of Kody’s financial insecurity, he’s only kept Janelle around for her stream of income.

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Although Kody never prioritized his relationship with Janelle, the second sister wife only started to show signs of indignation during the coronavirus pandemic. In an alleged effort to protect the extensive polygamous clan from the virus, Kody enacted strict social distancing rules. This protocol resulted in Kody spending virtually all of the pandemic with Robyn and her kids and rarely visiting his other sister wives. This rubbed Janelle the wrong way, and when she voiced her criticism of Kody’s plan, her husband demonstrated that he didn’t care for her. In response to Janelle’s hurt feelings, Kody has contemplated replacing his sister wives rather than changing his ways. This convinced Sister Wives fans that Kody only married Janelle because he wanted a submissive wife, not a partner to love.

Signs Kody Never Loved Christine

Christine Brown in Sister Wives

Christine and Kody’s relationship has garnered the most attention recently due to the former couple revealing that they were parting ways weeks before the Sister Wives season 16 premiere. Although they only just broke up after 27 years of spiritual marriage, Kody has indicated that he never had strong feelings for his third spouse on several occasions. For starters, the Brown family’s followers assert that, aside from wanting more children, Kody was interested in adding Christine to his clan because of her last name. Christine comes from a line of prominent polygamists, many of whom led the Mormon fundamentalist group, Apostolic United Brethren. Christine is considered polygamous royalty, which fans believe made her appealing to Kody. While Kody was attracted to her last name, fans note that the patriarch was never physically interested in Christine. A Reddit user recalled that Kody was “repulsed by [Christine]” on their first date.

Although the beginning of their relationship highlights many of the reasons why Sister Wives fans don’t think Kody was ever in love with Christine, even more red flags were raised in the last handful of years the pair attempted to keep their marriage afloat. Specifically, Robyn’s arrival resulted in Christine getting sidelined. Unfortunately, Christine was no longer the “shiny toy” once Robyn was included in Kody’s plural marriage. The patriarch wasted no time showing his preference for Robyn as he was even late to the hospital for the birth of his and Christine’s daughter, Truely, because he was spending time with Robyn. The more Christine has voiced her disdain for her marriage, Kody has become more resentful and recently established the end of their physical relationship as a result. Sister Wives fans think Kody’s withholding actions prove he only wanted to control Christine, not love her.

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