Getting paid to do nothing sounds like a dream come true, and for some lucky bastards out there, it’s an accidental reality. Anonymous redditor u/podcastquestions recently posted a confession to r/antiwork: they’ve allegedly been getting paid an $80k salary for years for doing little to no work. In their post, OP explains that their employer uses an algorithm that assigns clients to each account manager. Employees are presumably supposed to have similar workloads, but for whatever reason, the algorithm never assigned much work to OP. When OP initially told their manager about it, the boss reassured OP that the system was “near perfect” and not to worry about it. Five years later, OP is still getting paid to do basically nothing.

In the comments of the thread, many speculated that OP’s manager could be in on the scheme. “To me it sounds like your boss knows” one redditor replied, “that’s why he said don’t rock the boat. He wants to keep his department budget.” Keep scrolling for the complete story and how people reacted. 

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