Alex Jones claimed that Donald Trump hurt him by boasting about and supporting the COVID vaccines.

Video of Jones:

Jones said while talking about Trump’s newfound support for vaccines, “The fact that I was persecuted for supporting Trump makes it ten times worse because I know Podesta’s evil. I know Hillary’s evil. I know Obama’s evil, and I know Fauci’s evil. I know Bill Gates is evil, and I know they’re all evil, but Trump did a lot of good, and I believed in him. So, the fact that he’s done this makes it personal. It makes it hurt!”

Trump’s Cult Shows Some Cracks

Alex Jones never said that he would not support Donald Trump in 2024, but the fact that Trump is getting backlash from the very far right should not be ignored. Jones and his audience are the backbone of Trump’s support. These are the people who think that Fox News is a bunch of liberal sellouts.

Trump lost the 2020 election because he squeezed every single vote out of every red area and still wasn’t enough to defeat Joe Biden. If any of the far-right moves on from Trump, it could spell big problems if he actually does try to run in 2024.

Alex Jones sounded so sad that Trump encouraged his listeners not to die of COVID. The 1/6 Committee should test Jones and see if he is still willing to go to jail for Trump.

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