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Back in 2014, a dedicated Plex customer asked why he couldn’t use a custom display name like “Dad” on the profile select screen. Family members added to your account can have these custom display names, so why are you forced to live with a clunky username? Seven years later, Plex is finally addressing the issue.

You can now set a custom display name to show within the Plex app and on the Plex profile select screen. This display name can be your full name, a nickname, or anything else you desire—unlike usernames, Plex display names are non-unique, so you don’t need to worry if a name like “Andrew” or “Mom” is already taken.

Changing the display name in Plex.
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Changing your Plex display name is easy. Just fire up the Plex app on iOS or Android, open the sidebar menu (the three lines in the top left corner), and tap your profile photo. Then, tap “Edit Profile” and change your Full Name to your desired display name.

Custom display names or “friendly names” have been one of Plex users’ top requests since 2014. Hundreds of people, including Plex employees, shared their support for the idea in an incredibly long support thread. (Funny enough, the person who originally requested this feature now works for Plex.)

Your Plex app should look a lot cleaner once you replace your awkward username with a cool display name. Just don’t forget to set a Plex color theme for maximum customization!

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