Starwide Multimedia Solutions is a fully remote online consulting, marketing, and media production firm for small businesses. We also pride ourselves on providing efficient software and online platforms at little to no cost for entire communities.

Our primary mission is to provide the necessary tools to allow anyone and everyone to express themselves and have a voice in more ways than one. 

Starwide (app)

Starwide is our corollary CMS platform for artists and influencers. We value everything they do and offer a way to promote and express themselves while providing businesses a marketplace to sponsor creators. Learn more…

For businesses, we provide Consulting and Marketing Solutions to benefit the individual. We do everything online from entire websites, Banner advertisements, social media presences, blog posts, and site venues. We also provide a large set of unique tools and services for businesses who are looking to expand into the e-commerce Market and are also looking into setting up entire platforms and stand-alone social networking services as well.

For users, we provide an array of web-based applications for hosting, showcasing, selling, advertising, and distributing media. Many users can earn incredible revenues using the creator marketplaces throughout our platforms.

Our applications:

The apps designed by our team and associated third parties, provide users with engaging and interactive robust tools for content management and automation. This can also be done with businesses looking to reach out to customers and potential clients directly without the need for invasive technology. Content management apps are designed for Videos, Blogs, Images, Vector graphics, Illustrations, Online personas, Targeted Information, Audio, and much more!

Our Services:

Starwide’s services for small businesses can accommodate most industries. The services provided are

  • Online advertisement
  • Social media management
  • Contract video/photo editing
  • Automated Merchandising
  • Custom Music and Audio design
  • Website/Web app design
  • Banner advertisement online
  • Blog post publishing
  • Custom Logo design