About Starwide

The App/Platform

Starwide (as an app) is an independent micro-portal/content showcase and media-sharing platform for artists such as vloggers, film producers, animators, models, music artists, Illustrators, graphic designers, influencers, photographers, journalists, bloggers, and entertainers alike. 

Types Of Media

The platform has a wide array of media To choose from while also staging itself as an aggregator for content across social and independent media. There are a lot of photos, videos, news articles, blog posts, Audio podcasts, music, and much more.

Build an audience

Make yourself or your brand known by sharing your own or others’ content in your own portal space.


Take commissions, monthly or one-time donations by accepting gems shared throughout the platform.


Profiles are an excellent way to display content and show the rest of the site what kind of art you express yourself with. You must be at least 16 years old and have an email address in order to participate and produce media for the application, which is all that’s needed to get started. Profiles are also needed in order to make comments or rate other media.


Change your banner and profile picture with ease or alter the other appearances with the tools found throughout the platform. HTML and CSS can also be used if you have a coding background.


Content creators can start up campaigns using the content Marketplace, which allows you to set up crowdfunding so you can secure new ways to set up projects, raise money for various causes, or collect subscriptions from patrons to continue your passion. 

The Viewer

Starwide Viewer is an app that’s available for mobile and desktop platforms. This application allows the user to stream, post, and interact with other users and their content directly. All features from streaming content to uploading or downloading content can still be utilized. However, Due to rules of available content and flexible payment infrastructure in most software marketplaces, the Starwide Viewer is only available to download on the official Starwide multimedia website.


Can your stuff already be found on another platform? No problem, you can use Starwide’s import feature to grab your content via URL or use the embed feature.

Find your community

There’s lots to choose from and you never have to stick to only one. Find one based on your preferences or let them come to you. 

More features coming

We always have new features coming along the horizon. With the help of the community and all the work they put in, it’s an excellent opportunity for everyone!


Unfortunately, It’s best to get this out of the way and set the record straight. Yes, Starwide hosts some content that isn’t entirely family-friendly all the time which is why there’s a whole separate section for it. We allow this to engage users to express more creative freedom as well as practice freedom of the press. It goes without saying that users under the age of 18 are not to have access to this part of the application and you MUST have an account with us to access or post the material. Just to be clear though, It’s not always what you’re thinking. Some of the material in question isn’t always erotic. Most of the time, the material is just a bit controversial.  

  Most notably if you happen to be a model or an actor in the adult entertainment industry, we sadly regret to inform you that Live action erotic entertainment is not permitted not even in the NSFW section. The reason of course is that Starwide is an artistic expression app and not a site for showing off to take advantage of the interest in lewd activity in that way. This is to rest assured that the true interests are strictly artistic expression (illustrated) and don’t take away from the community that works hard to put together projects that take hours to showcase. In short, if you happen to be looking for that kind of entertainment, there are more than plenty of alternatives out there.

For more details on regulated content, look to our community guidelines.

The Rating System

Yes, our community actually has a built-in rating system. This is to help users carefully scout out the amount of violence or potential influence that can be found in some of the distributed material. Even though for the most part, the application is relatively for mature audiences, there are several instances in which users wish to find certain types of material. Sometimes, people just want to look at something educational, informative, family-friendly, or just something to play in the background and sometimes users are looking to find something much more. But it can be off-putting to find something that doesn’t quite correlate with your values. So we created a rating system unique to the application. It ranges from AAA to NSFW. 

  The reason why this is done is that, since the content is typically rated differently across different forms of media throughout the industry, it makes sense to try to use an internal rating system that works with all of our media whether it happens to be printed, audio or visual content. We leave it up to the uploader to decide the overall rating for the sake of them trying to reach out to the exact audience they wish to connect with. If for whatever reason the audience does not agree with the rating for specific content, they can file a report with us and we’ll be able to get back to them.

AAA (Any And All audiences) 

  • Can be seen by anybody. Not too many restrictions or from another site usually.
  • May contain Small amounts of blood and or swearing
  • Suggestive themes
  • fantasy violence
  • use of alcohol or tobacco product
  • May be watched or read with supervision

AA (Alternate Audiences)

  • May contain the use of drugs
  • Adult situations 
  • Sexual references
  • Intense violence
  • Crude humor
  • Mild to somewhat disturbing images
  • Partial nudity
  • Violent fighting

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

  • …unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re pretty confident you know what this is, if not see community guidelines just to be safe.