So far, no one’s had a better 2022 than the blank square emojis. Only a few short weeks ago, they were relegated to representing the color palate on the easel of the merciless pictogram gods. Fast forward to now, and every humblebragging Twitter wordsmith is rushing to clog up our feeds with them to show off just how clever they are. 

To those in the know, these little shapes are a simple code to communicate with all your fellow game players. For the people who have kept away from the Wordle craze, they may as well be hieroglyphs. 

However, there’s no need to feel left out if letter-based puzzles aren’t your thing. Many people have gotten so sick and tired of seeing the same variations repeated over and over that they’ve given them the meme treatment. “Not A Wordle” takes these now-ubiquitous squares (and maybe a few other emojis, if we’ve getting creative) and turns them into something a little more artistic. Years of goofing around on MS Paint prepared us for this well.


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