YouTuber Vaush Received Backlash For Saying The U.S. Needs To ‘Starve Out’ Russia In Regards To The Ukrainian Conflict

YouTuber Vaush Received Backlash For Saying The U.S. Needs To ‘Starve Out’ Russia In Regards To The Ukrainian Conflict

While streaming on Twitch this week, notable, political YouTuber Vaush was relaying thoughts he held in regards to the 2021-2022 Russia-Ukraine Conflict that some online found offensive. In a clip that circulated Twitter yesterday, Vaush stated, “I feel like the only thing [the U.S.] can do at this point is starve Russia out.”

To aid his point, Vaush included that the U.S. is wealthier than Russia “in metrics” and that they should, “sanction their leaders, cripple their economy and wait for them to bleed out.” But his co-host immediately questioned him, saying that a lot of Russian civilians would get hurt in the imagined, geo-political mix-up. Others agreed with this counter-argument, with many on Twitter referring to Vaush’s mindset as sociopathic or childish.

As the clip reached more users, it accumulated more outrage, leading to multiple humorous tweets and memes. Most users who were inspired enough to publicly react did so with criticism. Many labeled Vaush as an entitled American while others gave more well-rounded strategies in regards to Russia, insisting that food sanctions simply wouldn’t work.

Of course, there were others online who took Vaush’s side, defending him against those aiming for cancelation. Some cited a moment that happened later in the stream, where Vaush reiterated that he didn’t believe in sanctions levied against civilians but rather exclusively towards Russian oligarchs. Using this as evidence of Vaush’s good character, users agreed that his previous remarks were light-hearted, intended as a joke or to be taken with a grain of salt.

The chatter became so loud that Vaush addressed the controversy yesterday, posting multiple tweets and quote tweets defending his statements. However, all of them had an un-serious hint to them, using memes and pop culture references to dunk on the people attacking him.

This isn’t the first time Vaush has received backlash for his statements. In 2020, he was accused of sexual harassment because of comments he made in a Discord server. He was also screenshotted talking about lowering the age of consent in 2021, as well as being accused of being a pedophile on Twitter for comments he made about lolis. However, known for his hyperbolic statements and loyal fanbase, Vaush’s online presence is stable in the meantime.

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