The 1/6 Committee Has Jim Jordan’s Phone Records And The Evidence Is Damning

The 1/6 Committee Has Jim Jordan’s Phone Records And The Evidence Is Damning

The 1/6 Committee is now in possession of Rep. Jim Jordan’s phone records, and they show that Jordan talked to Trump before the Capitol attack.

Jim Jordan Talked To Trump Before The 1/6 Attack

CNN reported:

Two sources who have reviewed the call records tell CNN that Trump spoke on the phone at the White House residence with Jordan for 10 minutes on the morning of January 6. That afternoon, Jordan took to the House floor to object to the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College win, and pro-Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol.

A key focus of the Committee’s investigation has been on the runup to the insurrection and the myriad ways Trump and his allies, including those in Congress, tried to overturn the election results. The new details about the morning phone call come as the Committee is debating whether to move forward with a subpoena for Jordan after he refused to voluntarily appear for an interview.

Jim Jordan Talked To Trump Then Went To The House Floor To Stop The Certification Of The Election

Trump has implicated Jim Jordan in the plot. According to Sidney Powell, Rep. Jordan was one of the Republicans that Trump was counting on to help him block the certification of the election.

Jordan did not want his phone records turned over to the Committee, and that morning phone call before the Capitol attack appears to be the reason why.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) wasn’t trying to stop the violence, but it appears that he was in on the plot. Jordan probably wasn’t calling Trump to talk about the weather or get a recap of that morning’s episode of Fox and Friends.

It is time for the 1/6 Committee to subpoena Jim Jordan.


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