Rosamund Pike Set To Star In Deadly Virus Thriller Rich Flu

Rosamund Pike Set To Star In Deadly Virus Thriller Rich Flu

Rosamund Pike will star in Rich Flu, an upcoming thriller in which a deadly virus targets the wealthy, produced by Spencer director Pablo Larraín.

A deadly virus kills the wealthy in Rich Flu, an upcoming thriller with Rosamund Pike set to star. Per the official synopsis, the fictional disease will make its way through the ultrawealthy, cutting down billionaires, then millionaires, and so on and so forth until it threatens those with the most meager of fortunes. Rich Flu will explore what happens when the world’s most desirable asset becomes a mark for death.

Now, THR reports that Rosamund Pike has been tapped to star in Rich Flu, with Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia set to direct. Gaztelu-Urrutia directed the sci-fi horror film The Platform in 2019, which similarly looks at the conflicts that arise due to the inequities of wealth distribution. Rich Flu is being produced by Pablo Larraín, who previously brought his luxe eye to his directorial efforts Jackie and the Princess Diana biopic, Spencer.  


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While it’s unclear whether Pike will play a beleaguered scientist or a virus-dodging miser, the actress is clearly in her element playing conniving anti-heroes. She received an Academy Award nomination for her work in 2014’s Gone Girl and a Golden Globe for her performance in 2020’s I Care a Lot. She’s also known for appearing in Wrath of the Titans, A United Kingdom, and A Private War. Pike currently stars as Moiraine in the Amazon fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Principal photography on Rich Flu is scheduled to begin in Fall of 2022.

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