Memphis’ Mom Claims Hamza Is Abusive Amid Split Rumors

Memphis’ Mom Claims Hamza Is Abusive Amid Split Rumors

The mom of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Memphis claims her daughter’s partner Hamza is abusive amid rumors the couple broke up.

After 90 Day Fiancé star Memphis Sandoval alludes to a breakup between her and Hamza Moknii with cryptic Instagram posts, her mother Deborah makes wild claims against her rumored son-in-law. Memphis, a single mom of two, met Hamza from Tunisia online and decided she would get married to him within eight months. However, the illusion Memphis had of Hamza owing to their fun “sexy time” shattered when she found out about his lies, including that he mislead her about his age. Soon after, Hamza was blindsided by Memphis’ request for a prenup.

Off-screen, rumors of Hamza and Memphis getting married and having a baby shocked 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers. These stemmed from Memphis’ mom commenting, “Hello handsome son in law” on Hamza’s Instagram post in January 2021, as well as statements made by Memphis’ alledged ex.  However, only days later, there’s speculation Memphis and Hamza have split. On Instagram, Memphis wrote a long note about “mistakes” and how she prays that “God will try to reveal things.Memphis also shared a quote, “Just remember that all the s*** someone puts you through, sooner or later finds its way back to them.


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After Memphis started posting these inspirational stories, viewers discovered that neither Memphis nor Hamza follow each other. What’s more, Hamza‘s latest post shows him at an airport, revealing he was in Turkey and flying back to Tunisia. Shockingly, amongst Hamza’s comments was Memphis’ mother, as observed by Reddit user meghansf. “Hamza was abusive!! Memphis did everything for him,” Deborah wrote, more or less confirming what may have been the cause of Memphis and Hamza’s ongoing troubles.

Memphis Mom Deborah Hamza Breakup Split Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

One 90 Day Fiancé viewer replied to Deborah with, “He’s abusive how though? Like how Memphis went into a full new culture with zero respect or understanding for it and is shocked when he doesn’t conform to her loose morals and unreasonable expectations? Interesting coming from the non-existent ‘mother.’” Memphis’ mom responded, “people like you think everything on TV is real. I was present… We American woman expect help with our spouse. Not neglect, Missy!!” Deborah told the viewer they wouldn’t know “the truth” even if it were in their face. “It’s 2 sides to every story..,” Deborah added.

Meanwhile, some users in the Reddit thread think Deborah is projecting and refuse to believe that Hamza is abusive without more information. “I do think Hamza is a man child who will never contribute to the household duties. His mother makes me sad- she’s divorced, shunned and says her son is her life,” observed one viewer. They also recalled Memphis telling the 90 Day Fiancé cameras about the relationship between her and Deborah being “complicated” since her mom wasn’t always there when she was younger.

Still, Memphis appears to be hurting based on her emotional Instagram stories. In a reply to Memphis’ posts, Hamza shared a story with the text, “God is with me God knows everything.” This provides more evidence that the two have split up and share completely different views on why the relationship soured. Memphis divorcing Hamza after marrying him was his mom Hayet’s biggest fear due to her own traumatic past. However, if Memphis’ mom’s claims are accurate, it’s likely for the best that the 90 Day Fiancé couple went their separate ways. Hopefully, more information about their relationship is revealed soon.

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Source: Hamza Moknii/Instagram, meghansf/Reddit

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