Jack And Rose Dancing | Know Your Meme

Jack And Rose Dancing | Know Your Meme


On December 19th, 1997, the movie Titanic was released to theaters. Within the movie, there was a scene in which the characters Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater are dancing in the third class section of the boat. In the scene, they’re very happy, smiling and dancing and spinning each other around. The scene was uploaded to YouTube on March 30th, 2012, by the channel 20th Century Studios UK, where over the course of ten years, it’s received roughly 7.1 million views (shown below).

The three-panel template of Jack and Rose dancing was first posted on April 14th, 2012, on a blogspot site within a blog called Titanic-100 Year Anniversary (shown below, left). The template was first used in a meme on the website Funny or Die, when an unknown meme creator inserted Leonardo DiCaprio skipping in the movie Inception into the template (shown below, right).

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