“How ADHD Sounds”: Mashups and Soundbites Trending on TikTok Right Now That Are Helping the World Understand ADHD – Memebase

“How ADHD Sounds”: Mashups and Soundbites Trending on TikTok Right Now That Are Helping the World Understand ADHD – Memebase

Millions of Americans a year are diagnosed with ADHD. And millions of others carry on getting misdiagnosed or never getting diagnosed at all. In the past, the disorder had a tendency to be brushed off or simply heavily medicated with drugs like Ritalin or Adderall. It’s become so wildly popular in the headlines, that many find it difficult to take the disorder seriously. Plus, it’s become an unfortunately common, like with many prescription drugs, for the prescription to be abused my the user. 


However, this Neurodivergent group of people are starting to be taking more seriously lately. TikTok is one of the main platforms helping spearhead this movement. Tons of doctors flood to the app to properly define the disorder and those diagnosed with ADHD also flock to post educational videos on the subject. 


Now, what’s going viral in ADHDtok, are mashups and soundbite mixes that people with ADHD are describing as the “sound” of the disorder. 




TikTokers are saying that people without ADHD won’t be able to follow the confusing mashup of sounds within these samples, but those with ADHD should have no problem. It’s never good to self-diagnose using a social media app, but at least this trend is helping those with ADHD describe to Neurotypical people a little of what goes on in their brains. 





To some, the sounds are a bop, whether you have ADHD or not. But it’s the overlapping conversations soundbites that really throw off people who don’t have ADHD.




Comments flood each video featuring one of these sounds with all kinds of opinions, but mostly many comments are Neurodivergent people thankful for something that provides some sort of explanation of what they’re going through. One commenter said, “THANK YOU!! I can finally show this to my partner and maybe they might be able to understand now” and another posted, “people think I’m crazy when I try to explain this.”






Though ADHD has come a long way in the medical world, people are still skeptical. Many viewers think the viral ADHD tag has simply become a trend for the views and that some people are faking. Or that this is supporting self-diagnosing, which can be very dangerous. 





It’s still only TikTok, a social media app—it has no professional medical connection whatsoever other than some real doctors use this app. So each video should never be taken as a way of diagnosing. Still, most of the viral viewers and followers are people already struggling with ADHD and happy to see something that can help them explain their diagnosis and connect better with everyone around them. 

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