Deadpool Tattered Body Paint Cosplay Gender Flips The Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool Tattered Body Paint Cosplay Gender Flips The Merc with a Mouth

In a creative Marvel cosplay from body paint artist and cosplayer Melissa Croft, Deadpool gets a tattered, gender-flipped costume.

A tattered Deadpool gets an amazing gender-flipped body paint cosplay from Melissa Croft, where the Merc with a Mouth’s costume has taken some significant damage. In the cosplay, the talented artist created Deadpool’s suit entirely from paint, which looks like the real thing at first glance. The costume is appropriately battle-damaged as the gender-flipped Wade Wilson has been up to some trouble.

Despite humble beginnings, where Wade Wilson’s Deadpool was introduced in the pages of New Mutants by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, the Merc with a Mouth has become one of Marvel’s most popular heroes. Deadpool’s mainstream always had some mainstream success with his Marvel Comics stories but the character exploded after Ryan Reynolds portrayed the hero in live-action in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Reynolds’ Deadpool will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Among the many different versions of Deadpool that exist across the Marvel Multiverse include Lady Deadpool aka Wanda Wilson, who has similar powers as her Earth-616 counterpart. Lady Deadpool has starred in a handful of Deadpool stories, including joining the Deadpool Corps and appearing in the Deadpool Kills Deadpool miniseries.


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On her Instagram page, talented body paint artist and cosplayer Melissa Croft shared her take on Deadpool. Inspired by a similar battle-damaged Spider-Man cosplay she recently put together, Croft decided to do her own version of Deadpool. The look features Deadpool’s iconic red and black costume, as it features chunks missing from it. Perhaps, Deadpool just finished taking on Wolverine? The creativity of the gender-flipped Deadpool cosplay is off the charts, as it looks like she’s wearing a battle-damaged suit when in reality, it’s all paint. The attention to detail really makes the body paint cosplay feel like an authentic costume.


Melissa Croft’s body paint work is continually stunning, and her battle-damaged, gender-flipped Deadpool (per usual) looks excellent. Croft has wowed us before with her body paint cosplays of the X-Men’s Dazzler and Harley Quinn, as she’s proven to be the master of bringing comic book characters to life. Once again, her art/cosplay is amazing.

Deadpool is no stranger to getting his suit chopped up and battle damaged, so the gender-flipped body paint cosplay from Croft is a realistic representation of the Merc with the Mouth post-battle. It’s hard to believe the Deadpool look is made just from paint, but that’s what makes Melissa Croft’s work so spectacularly unique.

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Source: Melissa Croft

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