Woman Gets Passed Up For Job Because Of Her Voicemail

Woman Gets Passed Up For Job Because Of Her Voicemail

When you’re job hunting, the number one most important thing to be mindful of is professionalism. At least, it is for those of us actually scrolling through Indeed every day and slowly getting your soul chipped away bit by bit, not the people who can call in favors from their friends in high places. Attitude is everything throughout the whole process.

There is a weighty books’ worth of unwritten rules of how to act in the job application process, and something as small as the tone of your voice or what kind of shoes you wear can be enough for certain employers to decide on rejecting you outright. Some recruiters are a lot more petty than others, and they will take no hesitation in dropping an applicant over the slightest misstep — as @zanayajones8 ended up finding out after being unexpectedly brushed off by a role she had been applying for.

She recently went viral for sharing a recording of an employer leaving her a message to say that they were not going to progress her application after hearing her voicemail. Suggesting that she have a “more appropriate response” if she was expecting a call from a job, viewers were intrigued as to what had displeased the recruiter.


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