Zodiac Signs Of Archive 81 Characters

Zodiac Signs Of Archive 81 Characters

The main characters in Archive 81 each have their own personalities and their own reactions when they learn about the cult at the Visser. While Melody is fascinated and feels compelled to learn more, Dan is equal parts terrified and interested in continuing to restore the old videotapes, especially when he sees his father in one of them. Every main character has certain personality traits that are part of each zodiac sign, from friendly and creative Annabelle to impressionable and sweet Jess.

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Dan, Melody, and their friends and relatives all fit into the 12 zodiac sign frameworks, as their thoughts and actions during season 1 of this Netflix thriller series teach viewers more about them.

12 Aries: Virgil Davenport

Virgil Davenport looking to his right in Archive 81

Virgil feels like an Aries character as he’s tough, stubborn, and likes being in charge and running his company.

As Dan realizes that Samuel is Virgil’s brother and that Virgil has a more sinister reason for wanting Dan to restore the tapes from the Visser apartment building, Virgil’s personality comes out in full force. Virgil doesn’t like waiting and is often in a bad mood as he likes getting what he wants.

11 Taurus: Melody Pendras

Melody holding her video camera and looking scared in Archive 81

Melody is a brave Archive 81 character who also fits the Taurus sign framework. She’s stubborn when she has a goal in mind, and since Melody wants to live in the Visser so she can find her mom and also uncover the mystery, she doesn’t feel like she can leave until she does both of those things.

Melody is so stubborn that even when Dan tries to rescue her from The Otherworld, she doesn’t want to go back with him as she believes that she’s on the right path, even though she’s been waiting for years.


10 Gemini: Jess Lewis

Jess wearing a dress and smiling in Archive 81

Gemini signs have a few main personality traits: fun-loving and social while also being able to slow down, think about something, and be cautious. Jess is the Archive 81 who embodies these traits.

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Jess loves helping Melody with her video project, as she knows all the residents and is personable. But as time goes on, Jess becomes sad and upset as she wants to be part of the cult but is scared of what it could mean.

9 Cancer: Mark Higgins

Mark looking serious in Archive 81

Cancer signs have a sensitive personality above everything else. They’re a loyal friend or relative who will be there in an instant when someone needs them, which is exactly what Dan’s best friend Mark is like.

Mark isn’t scared of the supernatural and embraces things that seem odd, as he lives for what’s different and exciting thanks to his podcast. Cancer signs are empathetic and as Mark gets deeper into this dark mystery with Dan, Mark cares more and more about Dan’s well-being.

8 Leo: Iris Vos

Iris Vos with her eyes closed in Archive 81

Iris may not be one of the smartest Archive 81 characters, but she does feel like a Leo sign.

Iris is just as bold and ready for adventure as Leos typically are. Iris loves when all eyes are on here and it seems like part of the reason why she wants to summon the demon Kaelego is because she wants praise, attention, power, and love.

7 Virgo: Steven Turner

Steven Turner in the Visser building in Archive 81

Virgos enjoy learning and are curious about the world, but they would rather talk to one person than a whole room. They are quieter and more shy than other zodiac signs and sometimes worry about not being perfect enough.

Dan’s father Steven is a brilliant therapist who knows more about what Melody has experienced than even she does, and he’s smart enough to believe that there is something supernatural happening.

6 Libra: Julia Bennett

Julia Bennett wearing a coat and standing outside in Archive 81

Libras like what is fair and just and they enjoy fighting for a cause or something that means a lot to them. Melody’s mother Julia has been looking for Melody for decades and when Dan learns about this in the season 1 finale, Julia seems passionate about continuing on this journey.

As a Baldung witch, Julia wants to right the wrongs of what the cult at the Visser has done, and she feels terribly about all of the horror that has happened so far.

5 Scorpio: Samuel Spare

Samuel and Melody in Archive 81

Out of the scariest main characters on Archive 81, Samuel has many Scorpio traits.

Scorpio signs like when others think that they’re correct, and they don’t like chatting with people about things that don’t matter or mean anything. Samuel shares the Scorpio traits of having all the necessary traits of leadership. Samuel is a mystery to Melody from the beginning of season 1, and while she’s initially interested in him romantically, she soon realizes how dark and terrifying he is.

4 Sagittarius: Tamara Stefano

Tamara is an artist and composer who Melody meets while living at the Visser. She’s passionate, a bit mysterious, and exactly like a Sagittarius sign.

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Like others who have this zodiac sign, Tamara loves feeling free and doesn’t want to conform to expectations. Sagittarius signs like being around others and they don’t want things to stay the same.

3 Capricorn: John Smith

Split image of John Smith looking serious and wearing a mask with Melody in Archive 81

John has many personality traits of Capricorn signs. Capricorns are traditional, good at being in charge, and the kind of loyal and careful people that others call on to get things done.

John is the security guard at the Visser and while at first it seems like he just wants to keep everyone safe, Melody learns the harsh truth that he’s part of the cult.

2 Aquarius: Annabelle Cho

Melody and Annabelle in Archive 81

There are many friendships on Netflix series that stand the test of time and tug at everyone’s heartstrings. Annabelle and Melody have been good friends for a long time and they deeply care about each other, even if they don’t always understand each other.

Annabelle feels like an Aquarius sign as she can be serious but she can also be fun, up for anything, and personable. Annabelle fits right into the Visser, befriending the other residents and starting to paint, and Melody worries about her a lot.

1 Pisces: Dan Turner

Archive 81 Dan Turner Mamoudou Athie

Dan is just as sensitive as other Pisces signs and he’s also someone who thinks carefully about his feelings and thoughts.

Both Virgil and Mark are often concerned about how Dan is doing, although Mark’s concern is genuine and Virgil can be condescending and cruel. As Dan finds out more about the Visser and the demon at the core of this tale, he shows himself to be someone who cares a lot about others. Dan sometimes has trouble admitting when he’s struggling, but he does feel things deeply.

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