Why Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò) Left After Season 6

Why Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò) Left After Season 6

The Blacklist’s Agent Samar Navabi suddenly departed after the season 6 final, leaving fans to wonder why Mozhan Marnò was done with the show.

NBC’s American crime thriller The Blacklist returned for season 7, but fans were shocked to discover that Mozhan Marnò left her role as Agent Samar Navabi after season 6 – so what caused her departure? Marnò had played a crucial member of the task force since The Blacklist season 2, but her fate had been uncertain since the beginning of season 6 after it was revealed that Samar never fully recovered from the car accident that left her submerged in water for several minutes.

After being kidnapped by Lawrence Dane Devlin, a “fixer” sent to kill Samar, she managed to escape but the incident left her in a coma. The Blacklist‘s season 5 finale saw Samar survive the coma and tell Aram she will marry him. The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp hinted in a TVLine interview that her health problems would “change the landscape of the show in a great way.” The two-hour season 6 finale of The Blacklist saw a rift form in the relationship between Samar and Aram after she is cleared by doctors to return to the task force. However, Mossad saw Samar’s declining health as a liability for the agency and put out a hit on her life.


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Unwilling to let Aram’s life be ruined for her problems, she made her daring escape with the help of Red (James Spader), leaving on a plane to an undisclosed location. Her final words to Aram were that she loves him and will never forget him. However, it was Marnò who chose to leave The Blacklist, and producers graciously granted her request by writing her out of the show.

Why Mozhan Marnò Left Blacklist After Season 6

Samar was written off of The Blacklist because Marnò wanted to leave the series. In a lengthy Instagram post, Marnò expressed how grateful she was for the opportunity to play Samar and thanked the cast, crew, and fans for the amazing experience. Marnò decided she was ready for the next chapter in her life and revealed she would no longer be a member of The Blacklist future cast. “It has been an amazing experience,” she writes. “I have made mistakes, I have made friends, I have grown…But last summer, I decided that I was ready for my next chapter, and the producers very graciously granted my request to move on from the show.”

Mozhan Marnò leaving after The Blacklist season 6 is understandable, given that she dedicated many years to the show. With Samar’s health in jeopardy, it provided the perfect storyline for her to be written off The Blacklist. Marnò’s desire to pursue other opportunities was well earned, and The Blacklist put her on the map as a serious contender and established actor for upcoming projects. Her decision to leave was by no means easy, but after much deliberation, Marnò saw the opportunity for what it was and chose to continue her career in a different direction. She has since appeared in the shows The Affair and Maid, and is set to appear in the new film iGilbert as Detective Rivera.

What Happened To Blacklist’s Samar Navabi (Did She Die)?

So what happened to Samar on The Blacklist? Chances are, Samar is still alive, but in hiding. After discovering that the brain injury she sustained in season 5 had left her with Vascular Dementia — making her a liability — Samar became a target. With no other choice but for her to flee, Aram convinced Samar to let him come with her; however, in the last minute, she revealed over the phone that she couldn’t possibly let him leave his life and family behind for her. At the end of The Blacklist season 6, episode 14, “The Osterman Umbrella Company,” Samar boarded a plane that flew her to an undisclosed location.

Vascular Dementia is not curable, and eventually, Samar would die from the illness. Chances are though that in the show’s timeline, she is still alive — somewhere — and receiving treatment. Because Samar is relatively young, and she caught the illness at an early stage, she could be expected to live for several years, as long as she’s receiving some sort of medical intervention.

While Marnò did not return to The Blacklist, season 7 saw the return of stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klatenhoff, and Harry Lennix. But The Blacklist will look different without one of their top agents and Aram’s journey without his fiancé will be an interesting storyline to be explored. It would be a nice surprise for fans though if Marnò reprised her role as Samar for a guest appearance someday; however, the repercussions of her departure would be something that Mossad would have to handle. Given the nature of her secret escape, although a return would be welcomed by fans, it may take a long time for her to surface from hiding, if at all.

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