This Week’s Newest Trending Sound on TikTok Has People Hilariously Tripping Into Avoiding Their Responsibilities – Memebase

This Week’s Newest Trending Sound on TikTok Has People Hilariously Tripping Into Avoiding Their Responsibilities – Memebase

Trending sounds tend to dictate what the newest hot viral sensations will be. Lots of cool choreography comes out of this; animals making cute noises; even serious hot topic discussions. But there are also many trending sounds that are just down right silly. In fact, these sounds are definitely the ones that tend to go viral the most often. And, honestly, isn’t that what TikTok was meant for? This week it’s Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon” that has people getting into a silly, goofy, mood. 


“When you’re about to revise, but accidentally take a nap”


The song was released in 2010 off the artist’s debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. It’s actually a pretty emotional ballade about heartbreak. Mars uses his sultry vocals to sing about wanting a loved one back, and that nobody understands. “Talking to the moon, trying to get to you”—the entire song really just pulls at your heartstrings. 


“When you’re trying to be responsible, but accidentally tattoo your face”


And that’s why TikTok had to take it and turn it into a joke—because what’s funnier than taking a song that’s meant to be serious and using it for something silly? It’s exactly what these silly trending sounds on TikTok are for—to bring light to a situation that might be too heavy. So what exactly are these TikTokers doing in these viral videos?


“When you’re trying to do chores, but accidentally play videogames”

“When you’re about to cuddle your man, but accidentally go shopping at Target instead”


Avoiding responsibilities, of course! It’s something we all do. Maybe not always to a Bruno Mars song, but it’s only human. These TikTokers are taking this emotional ballade and hilariously pairing it with them on their way to be responsible, but then tripping on something itty bitty and pushing them right back into old habits. 


“When you’re trying to do dishes, but accidentally get a tattoo”


For example, on their way to do their job, but then trip on a pen and start falling into closing your curtains, putting your pajamas on, turning off the lights, falling into bed, and going right back to sleep. Pairing it to “Talking to the Moon” just makes it that much more dramatic and hilarious. 


“When you’re trying to eat healthy, but accidentally make a carne asada”


We’ve all let tiny minor inconveniences pull us away from our to-do lists—probably because we don’t really want to be doing them in the first place. Trying to follow a diet? Oops! Tripped on a pea and fell into the fridge and grabbed some cheese, grated it, chopped up some tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and avocado, heated up a pan with oil, and made a quesadilla instead. Dang. What an inconvenience! But I definitely tried really hard to do the responsible thing first… 


“When you say you’re not hungry, but accidentally eat his food”

“Trying to save money and make coffee at home, but accidentally going to Dunkin’ Donuts”


Listen, we all need a dumb trending sound to disassociate from the stressful world every now and then, and TikTok provides. It’s not technically a psychiatrist prescribed anti-anxiety medication or exercise, but it definitely helps keep your mind off some heavy things, even if only for 30 seconds. These sounds will definitely get you in a silly, goofy, mood and blowing that quickly laugh of air out of your nose. 



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