TFT set 6.5 adds Silco, Renata Glasc, new augments, and more

TFT set 6.5 adds Silco, Renata Glasc, new augments, and more

After weeks of teasing hints (or months, in the case of Silco), the details for the big 6.5 mid-set Teamfight Tactics overhaul are here, and it promises to be one of the biggest mid-set adjustments yet. TFT is adding more than 20 new units, more than 80 new augments, and tinkering with a whole lot more to keep the game fresh, Riot Games confirmed Tuesday.

Among the more exciting changes are the addition of Arcane’s Silco, the first TFT unit to come from somewhere other than League of Legends, and Renata Glasc, League’s newest champion. Also among the new faces are Alistar and Corki, making their first-ever appearances in TFT. That leaves Rammus as the only League champion never to appear in a TFT set.

But it’s not just who is getting added: Plenty of Set 6 mainstays are being removed, including ever-present units like Akali, Janna, Kog’Maw, Sion, Urgot, Yone and Yuumi. There will also be a new item to replace Guardian Angel, a matchup tracking system previously left only to third-party app overlays, and much more.

The mid-set, dubbed Neon Nights, is live on Teamfight Tactics’ Public Beta Environment, and will go live with patch 12.4 on February 16.

Unit changes

Let’s get the two big-ticket ones out of the way first.

Renata Glasc, a tall woman with black and gray hair, a white suit and dark vest, stands in what looks like a toxic waste.

Image: Riot Games

Renata will be a four-cost Chemtech Scholar. Her ability will send a “toxic wave towards the largest group of nearby enemies,” poisoning all enemies hit by it for the rest of combat. The poison effect will reduce attack speed and do damage over time.

Silco will be a five-cost Mastermind Scholar. His ability will grant health, attack speed, and immunity to crowd control to his lowest health ally for a few seconds. Unfortunately for that unit, it explodes and dies immediately after the effect runs out. Allying with Silco is a dangerous proposition.

Another big addition will be Zeri, who was added to League in January. Zeri will be a five-cost Debonair Sniper who will zip around the board and do mega damage.

The rest of the new units:

  • Brand (one-cost Debonair Arcanist)
  • Jarvan IV (one-cost Hextech Striker)
  • Nocturne (one-cost Hextech Assassin)
  • Ashe (two-cost Syndicate Sniper)
  • Corki (two-cost Yordle Twinshot)
  • Rek’Sai (two-cost Mutant Bruiser Striker)
  • Sejuani (two-cost Hextech Bruiser Enforcer)
  • Syndra (two-cost Debonair Scholar)
  • Gnar (three-cost Yordle Socialite Striker)
  • Lucian (three-cost Hextech Twinshot)
  • Morgana (three-cost Syndicate Enchanter)
  • Senna (three-cost Socialite Enchanter)
  • Trynadmere (three-cost Chemtech Challenger)
  • Ahri (four-cost Syndicate Arcanist)
  • Alistar (four-cost Hextech Colossus)
  • Draven (four-cost Debonair Challenger)
  • Irelia (four-cost Scrap Striker)
  • Kha’Zix (four-cost Mutant Assassin)
  • Sivir (four-cost Hextech Striker)

Ahri’s Coven skin from League of Legends, a witch-themed version of the nine-tailed fox.

Image: Riot Games

Removed units

As a part of the largest roster swap in TFT history, 18 units are being removed for the mid-set update.

  • Akali
  • Garen
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Katarina
  • Kog’Maw
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Samira
  • Shaco
  • Sion
  • Taric
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Urgot
  • Yone
  • Yuumi

Changed units

The biggest change is to Vi, who will now be a four-cost unit. Her traits will mostly be the same (Enforcer Rival Bruiser), but her ability is now significantly different:

Vi shields herself and deals magic damage to her target and enemies behind it. On her second cast, she also dashes through her target. On her third cast, she instead throws her target into the air and slams them back to the ground, dealing damage in a circle around her target.

  • Blitzcrank is now just a Scrap Bodyguard
  • Ekko is now an Innovator in addition to his Scrap and Assassin traits
  • Kassadin is now a Mutant Scholar
  • Leona is now a Debonair Bodyguard
  • Swain is now a Hextech Arcanist
  • Talon is now a Debonair Assassin

A complete overview of the trait bonuses for the TFT mid-set 6.5 update.

Image: Riot Games


Three brand-new traits are being added to the game: Hextech, Debonair, and Striker. The Hextech trait will grant shields and an on-hit magic damage buff to Hextech units. The Debonair trait includes a VIP mechanic — if you find a nice and shiny Debonair unit in your shop, that unit will get a special buff unique to them. Strikers get bonus attack damage.

Rival is technically a new trait, as well, but it’s basically just an altered version of the Sister trait from set 6, sticking with the themes of Vi and Jinx’s relationship in Arcane. Mastermind is also a new trait, but it’s just for Silco — units who stand directly in front of Silco gain extra mana generation.

The Socialite trait is also getting a 5-unit bonus, which will double all Socialite bonuses if you can stack your board with them.

Removed traits

Three traits that struggled to find a consistent home in Set 6 are gone: Academy (along with all the Academy units except for Leona), Imperial (ditto, except Swain and Talon), and Protectors (all but Blitzcrank and Kassadin are out).

The extremely popular Guardian Angel item is being removed as well, in favor of Edge of Night:

A description of Edge of Night, a new TFT item. When the holder first drops below 50% health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding negative effects. After coming out of stealth, the holder gains an additional 30% bonus Attack Speed.

Image: Riot Games

New Augments

More than 80 new augments are coming with Neon Nights, and all the ones tied to the now-gone Academy, Imperial, and Protector traits are gone. You can read some context about some of the devs here, but here’s a straight list for you in alphabetical order (shout out to Mobalytics and the many others mining the PBE for this info):

Arcane Nullifier (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your unit’s abilities ignore a portion of the target’s magic resist and reduce healing received for eight seconds.

Archangel’s Embrace (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): After casting their ability, units gain ability power equal to 20/30/40% of their maximum mana.

Backfoot (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units that start combat in the back two rows gain attack speed.

Battlemage (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units that start combat in the front two rows gain ability power.

Blue Battery (Silver, Gold): After casting their ability, your units restore a flat amount of mana.

Component Grab Bag (Gold): Get three random item components.

Concussive Blows (Silver): Striker’s critical strikes stun their target. Get a Rek’sai.

Cybernetic Shell (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units holding an item gain health and armor.

Cybernetic Uplink (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units holding an item gain health and restore mana.

Debonair Crest (Gold): Get a Debonair emblem and a Syndra.

Debonair Crown (Primsatic): Get two Debonair emblems.

Debonair Heart (Silver): Your team counts as having one additional Debonair. Get a Talon.

Disintegrator (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units’ attacks deal bonus magic damage scaling off the target’s maximum health.

Double Trouble (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): If you have exactly two copies of a unit on your board, they both gain attack damage, ability power, armor and magic resist. When you upgrade a unit to three-star, gain a two-star copy.

Electrocharge (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): When your units get hit with a critical strike, they deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

Four Score (Gold): Get three random four-cost champions.

Free … Healthcare? (Silver): All units benefit from the Chemtech trait. Get a Warwick.

Future Sight (Gold, Prismatic): Get a Zephyr/Radiant Zephyr. Know who you fight next.

The Golden Egg (Prismatic): Get a massive Golden Egg that hatches in five turns.

Golden Gifts (Gold, Prismatic): Get a golden loot orb.

Nocturne, a demonic nightmare champion from League of Legends.

Image: Riot Games

Hexnova (Silver): The first time a Hextech unit drops below 60% health, nearby enemies’ maximum Mana is increased until they cast. Gain a Nocturne.

Hextech Armory (Silver): All units benefit from the Hextech trait. Get a Sejuani.

Hextech Crest (Gold): Get a Hextech emblem and a Nocturne.

Hextech Crown (Prismatic): Get two Hextech emblems.

Hextech Heart (Silver): Your team counts as having one additional Hextech. Get a Sejuani.

High Five (Prismatic): Get three five-cost units.

Irresistible Charm (Silver): Debonair units take less damage. Gain a Leona.

Jeweled Lotus (Gold): Your units’ magic and true damage abilities can critically strike.

Keepers (Silver, Gold): At the start of combat, your units grant adjacent allies a shield.

Luden’s Echo (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Splash damage to a nearby enemy from ability damage.

Meditation (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your units without items restore mana.

Overpower (Silver): Every two attacks, Strikers gain critical strike chance on their next attack. Get a Rek’Sai.

Phalanx (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Units in the back two rows at the start of combat get armor and magic resist.

Radiant Relics (Prismatic): Open an Armory and choose one of four unique Radiant Items.

Recombobulator (Silver): Units on your board permanently transform into a random champion that costs one more. Gain two Magnetic Removers.

Second Wind (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): After 10 seconds of combat, your units heal half of their missing health.

Stored Power (Silver): Your Hextech units permanently gain one ability power each time they are hit by your Hexcore’s pulses. Get a Swain.

Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, emerges from a hole.

Image: Riot Games

Striker Crest (Gold): Get a Striker emblem and a Rek’Sai.

Striker Crown (Prismatic): Get two Striker emblems.

Striker Heart (Silver): Your team counts as having one additional Striker. Get a Rek’Sai.

Study the Blade (Silver): All units benefit from the Challenger trait. Get a Quinn.

Swift Justice (Silver): Enforcers permanently gain Attack speed after each combat. Get a Sejuani.

Thieving Rascals (Gold): Yordles will sometimes spawn with an item component. Get a Lulu.

Three’s Company (Silver): Gain three random three-cost units.

Tiny Titans (Prismatic): Your Tactician grows larger and heals 35 Health. You can now exceed 100 maximum Health.

Treasure Trove (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Gain one blue and one gray loot orb.

Tri Force (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your three-cost units gain Health, Mana, and Attack Speed.

True Twos (Gold): Get two random two-star two-cost units.

Verdant Veil (Gold): Your units are immune to crowd control at the start of combat.

Very VIP (Gold): When an ally dies, the Debonair VIP gets 40% of their maximum health. Get a Syndra.

Woodland Trinket (Gold): At the beginning of each round, two duplicates of your unit with the highest attack speed spawn on your board.

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