How to Get Your Instagram Link

How to Get Your Instagram Link

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To allow people to find your profile and follow you on Instagram, you will have to share your profile’s web link with them. It’s easy to get your Instagram profile link on both desktop and mobile, and we’ll show you how.

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What Is My Instagram URL?

Your Instagram URL (web link) is Instagram’s domain name, a forward-slash, and then your username. So, for example, if your handle on the platform is “david,” your profile URL will be:

In Instagram on desktop, you can copy the link that takes you to your profile page. On mobile, though, you will have to note your username and manually add that username to the Instagram link.

Copy Your Instagram Link on Desktop

If you are on a desktop, you are basically just a few clicks away from getting your Instagram profile link.

To start, open your web browser and launch the Instagram site. Sign in to your account on the site.

In Instagram’s top-right corner, click your profile icon. You will now copy the link of the “Profile” menu item.

If you are on Chrome, right-click “Profile” and choose “Copy Link Address.” If you are on Firefox or Edge, right-click the “Profile” link and choose “Copy Link.”

Right-click "Profile" and choose "Copy Link Address."

You have successfully copied the link to your Instagram profile. To use this link, put your cursor in any text field on your computer, right-click there, and choose “Paste” from the menu.

Right-click in a text field and choose "Paste."

And that’s it. Share this link with whomever you want, and they can use the link to get to your profile on Instagram.

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Get Your Instagram Link on Mobile

Instagram’s app for iPhone and Android does not offer the option to copy your profile link. However, using a workaround, you can generate a link that takes people to your Instagram profile.

To do so, first, open the Instagram app on your phone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap your profile icon.

On your profile page, at the top, you will see your username. Note this username.

Note the Instagram username.

To make a link to your Instagram profile, replace yourusername in the following link with the username you noted:

And the resulting link will be your Instagram profile link, enjoy!

On Instagram, you can also grab a link to a specific photo or video to share with people. It’s equally easy to do that.

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